Docking XD

Docking XD
Docking, an engineering company from Zagreb, Croatia, the Balkan Peninsula, Europe.

Doors Scissors
The company showed a prototype electric car at the Geneva Motor Show early last month with the name XD. Appearance of this car is very attractive to visitors and industrialists. Section, this tiny electric car, the length of 2.8 meters, 1.7 meters wide and 1.6 meters high, was designed with the concept of emotional.

Therefore, the appearance is very different than electric cars that demonstrated by large manufacturers, including Mitsubishi, Nissan or famous design houses of Italy. Characteristic of this car body using the spherical model of the door opening with scissors, shifted to the front-top. No less interesting, rear combination lamps shaped letter “X”.

Not only this car an attractive appearance. Ability or performance is also great. According to docking, XD capable of doing sprints 0-100 km / h in 7.7 seconds. The same capabilities with a compact sports car powered 200 PS.

XD is designed to load three adult passengers, the driver was in the middle. Meanwhile, two passengers in addition to a bit behind. Because of these formats, both driver and passengers feel relieved. Used car batteries placed along the chassis and can operate the car for a few days without having to recharge.

This car project managers, Tomislav Bosko said, to fully charge lithium-ion phosphate batteries made in China at home, it takes 6 to 8 hours. This company plans to accelerate the charging time is only an hour later.

Energy consumption of a car when used as a vehicle of the city, is entirely compatible with the concept of autonomy today. For a distance of 100 km worth of energy spent only 1 euro (about USD 12 thousand). Distance for all the contents of the battery 250 km.

XD is one of 60 electric cars from around the world who come to show off in Geneva and was in a special pavilion, “Green Pavilion”. The goal, mejeng to find investors to produce cars in bulk. According to the docking, which was exhibited this car is the result of design 8 months ago. Now, continue to be slicked up so that more interesting.

Compared with electric cars the company made big in recent years, including the somewhat expensive price XD. Standard conditions and made as now, worth about 40,460 dollars (USD 370 millions). But if when produced in bulk to 26,600 dollars (USD 245 million).

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