Ford Fiesta Comes July

Ford Fiesta Comes July

Last year, PT Ford Motor Indonesia ketiban provision of the order of the Indonesian Police. Despite orders not to continue this year, car manufacturers still rely Ranger as the backbone of national sales.

Ranger pickup truck is still registered the highest sales during the first quarter of 2010, with 739 units in the retail market. This figure is experiencing soaring 75 percent over the same period last year, excluding special sales to the government.

FMI President Will Angove explains, the growth of the automotive market is very positive this year. From January to March, carrying the market soared 72 percent to 173,000 units compared to last year. ATPM, he continued, successfully recorded sales of 1102 units or an increase of 51 percent from a year ago, which also excludes special order the Police.

Commercial vehicle market, he added, also soared 70 percent to 48,357 units bergeliatnya spurred real sector performance. Market pickups (single cabin and double cabin), for example, rose 55 percent to 11,200 units from 7200 units. Total sales of pickups and trucks throughout the January-March 2010 reached 44,091 units registered.

Furthermore, in the second position Everest SUV sales support managed to record 299 units of retail sales, up 24. Meanwhile, a small SUV Escape and Focus sedans together managed to maintain their sales volumes compared to last year.

End of July Fiesta

Meanwhile, FMI announced the launch of the Fiesta will be 99 days from the day yesterday, or rather the upcoming July 23, 2010. This hatchback is positioned as a back-bone in Indonesia next Ford.

In fact, the Fiesta has been well known in the U.S. and European markets are expected to be able to shift the Ranger or at least side by side into the best-selling products in Indonesia. Fiesta is a product of this combined with Mazda’s U.S. brand and manufactured in the Country of the White Elephant of Thailand.

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