Electric cars in Japan

Electric cars in Japan
Electric cars are now starting to enter a new era in Japan. Teijin Group of State Sakura makes a super-light electric vehicles which they named PU-PA EV. The use of lightweight materials in the structure of the “body” to make weight and a half times lighter than conventional products.

PU-PA EV built using various materials, among others, carbon fiber, polycarbonate resin, and Bio-polyesters. The result, the car weighs just 437 kilograms, as reported by Autoevolution, Sunday (04/25/2010).

Pupa name taken from the cocoon, the metamorphosis from caterpillar into butterfly. This vision is reflected from Teijin which predicts that the vehicle will be like a pupa within five to ten years into the future.

Pupa speeds reach 60 km per hour with a mileage of 100 km. This car also uses a variety of environmentally friendly raw materials to support the creation of cars that are more “green.”

In the interior, almost the entire surface using a bio-polyester material, call it upholstery, carpets, and a variety of existing communications equipment on the dashboard. Meanwhile, the top of the shock absorbers using polycarbonate resin material.

Currently, the concept car in the middle dipamerakan Teijin Mirai Studio, Tokyo, Japan. Teijin Group is a company that touched on various industries, namely automotive, aviation, information, elekrtonik, health, environment, and technology.

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