Mercedes-Benz With Euro3

Mercedes-Benz With Euro3

PT Mercedes-Benz Indonesia (MBI), revive its business in the commercial segment, which markets premium chassis for buses. As proof, after the launching of the top chassis of the bus, OH Euro3 1526, at the end of January, followed by OH1521 Euro3.

OH1521 Special to the launch late last week in Bandung, MBI invite the owners of the fleet on the island of Java, Bali, Lombok and Sumatra, particularly from companies otobus (PO) to view and try to direct the bus product. They are also given the opportunity to try OH1526 using six cylinder engine or a greater capacity for long-distance transport or between provinces.

Mercedes-Benz With Euro3
In the commercial segment, Mercedes-Benz currently rely solely on the chassis for buses. While for trucks, especially in class 2 ton, no longer come into play. “There has been a coincidence Mitbusihi currently memdominasi truck market in Indonesia and one group with us,” explains Rudi Borgenheimer, CEO and President Director of PT MBI. Therefore, MBI concentrate on premium bus chassis.


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