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Gleagle IG Hybrid

Gleagle IG Hybrid
IG Geely or with the product name Gleagle IG criticized by China Car Times. “Small cars are only suitable for use in the city. However, the door that opens upward makes it difficult, even to nudge the car parked next to it. Doors can also hit the roof of the parking lot, “writes the media.

Surprisingly again, the media does not know exactly where the car was made. They estimate that only cars made in Lin Hai, Zhejian Province, not far from the headquarters of Geely, Hangzhou.

Interestingly enough, the hood of this small hybrid car is also fitted with solar panels. According to Geely, the panel used to charge the battery. As a source of prime mover, this car uses the engine capacity of 1.0 liters.

To couple power hybrids, electric motors, and batteries supplied in accordance with the desire and ability of consumers. “Costs flexible,” wrote Geely. This was done because Geely electrical and battery system that offers the lowest price of 10,000 yuan or USD 13.2 million.

“Consumers can choose different standards according to their needs, like buying a digital camera that uses a variety of memory cards,” added Geely in the site about this concept car sales.

He also explains, in particular for electrical components, there was a contradiction between the price of batteries and the distance. The further the distance that can be generated from battery-powered, large increases in size. The price is also so expensive.

IG is on display today has undergone a change from the prototype on display before. If previously only used three seats with the concept of a triangle, now, the car has two seats in front (including the driver) and two behind.

Explained all, the car is equipped with a large alternator and start & stop system. We stopped at the intersection waiting for the green light, the engine will die. Engine will live longer automatically once trodden on the accelerator. System used is the mild hybrid or a combination of series and parallel (the same used Prius).


Aculeus “China Supercar”

Aculeus “China Supercar”
Beijing Auto Show pledged “estalase” for China’s producers. The models that appear to invite more people to comment that the designers and engineers of China made plagiarism. One of them is a supercar concept that was displayed by CH Beijing Auto origin.

According to China Car Times, the previous CH Auto has come up with this car in 2008 in the same arena with a Scorpio. Therefore, a glimpse of this car like the Ferrari 599 GTO-scorpion logo. This year, the car comes back with a better design and its name was changed to “Aculeus”.

Meanwhile, some automotive journalists from the United States has a different assessment. This car does look sexy, but it is considered as a cheap replica.

From the front, combining face Aculeus assessed Ferrari 599 GTO, BMW Z4, and Aston Martin. Nevertheless, the shape of the rear similar to the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren. Car design is a combination of a long nose and short deck. Same size with Maserati Gran Turismo and the BMW Z4.

Although the concept, CH Auto has equipped this supercar with a capacity of 4.8 liter V8 engine from the BMW-powered 367 PS, 490 Nm of torque, and weighs 1600 kg. This car was claimed to be able dikebut 0-100 km / h in 5.2 seconds and a top speed of 270 km / hr.

Toyota Recalls Other SUV

Toyota Recalls Other SUV
Largest car manufacturer in the world was again tripped. Not long ago the world’s largest car manufacturer that Lexus GX 460 merecall, is now a sport utility vehicle (SUV), Sequoia, production in 2003 which amounted to 50,000 units.

The problem is the same, namely its stability control system does not work perfectly, just different diperangkatnya. So, the Lexus GX 460 is “on the verdict easily overturned” by the magazine Consumer Reports, when a car sped around the corner quickly, liveliness of its stability control system is very slow.

While at Sequoia, electronic stability control system regulated by the computer through the two parts, between the brake and gas pedals. Depending on needs, but one goal to maintain tire traction on the corner.

Toyota and the American Institute of Highway Safety (NHSTA) said if they had received 163 reports from owners of Sequoia. But, no one suffered serious accidents.

“Toyota’s promise to investigate consumer complaints more aggressively and respond quickly,” said Steve St. Angelo, head of the quality of Toyota North America, as quoted by AP (04/29/2010).

The largest automobile exhibition in China

The largest automobile exhibition in China

Starting Tuesday (27/04/2010) until 2 May, the largest automobile exhibition in China, Beijing Auto Show (BAS), opened to the public, having previously opened to the press (April 23 to 24) and businessman (25 to 26 April) . Remarkably, almost all countries that have become central in the world of car manufacturers offering products, from concept, a new model, until the car will be marketed.

A number of manufacturers from the host region exhibited some environmentally friendly cars, such as the Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp (SAIC) and Dongfeng. From Germany, Audi, Mercedes, and Porsche come up with the concept of body bongsor. In addition, there was Ford, Hyundai, and from Japan with electric cars.

Well, in this show display concept cars from various countries.

Electric cars in Japan

Electric cars in Japan
Electric cars are now starting to enter a new era in Japan. Teijin Group of State Sakura makes a super-light electric vehicles which they named PU-PA EV. The use of lightweight materials in the structure of the “body” to make weight and a half times lighter than conventional products.

PU-PA EV built using various materials, among others, carbon fiber, polycarbonate resin, and Bio-polyesters. The result, the car weighs just 437 kilograms, as reported by Autoevolution, Sunday (04/25/2010).

Pupa name taken from the cocoon, the metamorphosis from caterpillar into butterfly. This vision is reflected from Teijin which predicts that the vehicle will be like a pupa within five to ten years into the future.

Pupa speeds reach 60 km per hour with a mileage of 100 km. This car also uses a variety of environmentally friendly raw materials to support the creation of cars that are more “green.”

In the interior, almost the entire surface using a bio-polyester material, call it upholstery, carpets, and a variety of existing communications equipment on the dashboard. Meanwhile, the top of the shock absorbers using polycarbonate resin material.

Currently, the concept car in the middle dipamerakan Teijin Mirai Studio, Tokyo, Japan. Teijin Group is a company that touched on various industries, namely automotive, aviation, information, elekrtonik, health, environment, and technology.

Fiat vs Ford in Beijing

Fiat vs Ford in Beijing
The Fiat 500 with an adorable four models now get a rival from Ford that offered the Start. Artificial concept cars that American car manufacturers were displayed in the carpet Beijing Auto Show 2010 in China.

Start a reliable Ford has 145 inches long, shorter than the Ford Fiesta in 2011 and is the same version of the MINI Cooper in 2010. Side-competitive designs same-inspired 500 from Ford Ka a fashionable as a subcompact city car that could succeed in the European market in the mid-1990s.

With a curved line of doors from aluminum, combined with the same roof line that integrates up rear glass, making the Start profile is very unique. Because, there is a rear passenger seat can also be baggage space. Curved lines that match the design of a combined front and rear LED lights.

Interestingly, the roof panel can be shifted Start, plus custom colors to make the cockpit seats are very elegant.

Exterior glance, the upper surface structure resembling contrived MyFord Touch that was introduced this year. MyFord called Mobile Concept, a system on the Start screen looks like in the iPhone or iPad, but united for the indication of temperature control and vehicle diagnostics.

Under the hood the engine that drives the motion of the front wheels, the kitchen is piled runway 1.0L 3-cylinder made of aluminum material. Small, but equipped with a turbocharged EcoBoost. Ford says that the machine, which will be produced, may also make the Fiesta, will be increased his power and drivability.

Bodinya panel composites using recycled materials. While recycled fiber interior and much more.

Side Blind Zone Alert

Side Blind Zone Alert
A blind spot in vehicles are part of areas that cannot be directly observed under existing circumstances. Blind spots exist in a wide range of vehicles, from cars, trucks, motorboats and aircraft.

The areas most commonly referred to as automobile blind spots are the rear quarter blind spots, areas towards the rear of the vehicle on both sides. Vehicles in the adjacent lanes of the road may fall into these blind spots, and a driver may be unable to see them using only the car’s mirrors.

Apparently, based on the research the National Highway Traffic Safety Adminsitrasion (NHTSA), blind spots or dark zone or not visible is the cause of most of the accident. Portion reaches 85 percent.

This is one of the factors that led the engineer for General Motors (GM), which handles security issues on completing several GM products with a tool called “Side Blind Zone Alert.” Translation, Warning Zone Dark Side. ”

One product that has been using this equipment is the Buick LaCross. On the outside rearview mirror or side of the car have a small orange icon. This is called the “Blind Side Alert Sport.”

This tool works by using sensors that are equipped with radar that is used as the “eyes” to see additional vehicles that follow from the side or area not visible to the outside mirror.

The Most Expensive Golf Cart

The Most Expensive Golf Cart

London-Car golf (golf cart) was the most expensive in the world possessed the royal family of Monaco. One unit of golf cars Garia Soleil de Minuit worth U.S. $ 52,000 or approximately IDR 500 million.

What’s so special about this golf car? This golf car has front double wishbone suspension, cooling drink box, and painted with the colors of consumer choice. The most special about this golf car because it was created by the maker Porsche Cayman and Boxter, assembled in Finland, gearbox manufactured by companies that produce Ducati gearbox, and aluminum profiles are made by suppliers to Aston Martin, Jaguar and Volvo. Even the four wheels have hydraulic disc brakes.

Valmet Automotive has the best quality. This is the first time a golf vehicle assembled by high-end automotive manufacturers and we are very pleased with the results, “said Golf Car designers from Garia Garia Inc. and Creative Director., Anders Lynge.

Soleil de Minuit Edition Garia has features like a roof made of carbon fiber, special paint, leather seats are stitched by hand, and the Alcantara roof lining.

Standard price to U.S. $ 17,499 Garia start about IDR 174 million (not including shipping and tax). This golf car prices become more expensive when added to the refrigerator, glass front of the coated film, and various other extra.

Soleil de Minuit Garia will be used by the kingdom of Monaco at the Top Marques Monaco April 15-18 tomorrow.

Car IDR 75 Million Will Mass Produced

Car IDR 75 Million Will Mass Produced
Daihatsu ready to start work immediately as the development car for USD 75 million this year. Of course, this so that next year the company with a market share second only to Toyota has been able to mass produce.

According to him, the government also came and invited a number of representatives to discuss these environmentally friendly cars. Ranging from incentives to the development forward. However, until now there are still some principals who have not agreed with tax relief (tax holiday) is offered by the government.

He continued, efforts penggenjotan cheap car actually has done since the era served as Coordinating Minister Sri Mulyani Economy. Then, Hidayat, as Minister of Industry Fahmi Idris after, continued negotiations.

Ford supports the American Idol Show (AIS)

Ford supports the American Idol Show (AIS). Some packages given to 12 finalists, and they can dump one of his creation on Ford’s flagship product, that’s Fiesta. In fact, the two finalists asked to sign his name in the body during the final Fiesta.

One of the largest car manufacturer in America, Ford, had come to support the talent search event that the singer. The proof, cooperation with the committee had been going on long enough.

“Ford was a sponsor of American Idol since the first held in 2002,” said Ford Brand Manager Content & Alliances Connie Fontaine. Each year, more Connie, his party tried to give a relationship with different nuances and fun continues. “For this year, the idol will get the experience to look more closely at our products. They can also Interactive with designers, and may spill their creativity to the Ford Fiesta,” said Connie.

Later, the 12 contestants will be given a painting Fiesta 9 different colors to choose from, including squeeze lime, blue flame, and bright magenta. Then, they were asked to select the graphic body, rim, and other accessories to be transformed into the body Fiesta in accordance with their expression.

“Ford is very fond of young designers who bring fresh thinking to the product line-up Ford,” called Connie. We hope, he continued, the design can be merged with American Idol that will produce a good product to be sold in the market. “