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Chevrolet Camaro Convertible

Chevrolet Camaro Convertible

Chevrolet Camaro Convertible released an official photograph in the latest social networking site Facebook (FB) recently.

Camaro Convertible glance looks almost identical to its coupe version. A number of design changes including brake lights, trunk-mounted antenna, and a key slot for the rear trunk.

Like the coupe, the Camaro Convertible is able to produce maximum power 312 hp (316 ps) for the variant 3.6-liter V6 engine, 400 hp (406 ps) for the version of the 6.2L V8 engine, and 6.2L V8 engine capable of generating power and 426 hp (432 ps) .

This car is scheduled to enter production early next year and the new can be sold April 2011.


Chevrolet Prime (limited edition)

Chevrolet Prime (limited edition)
In order to strengthen the existence of sales-support products Chevrolet (Chevy) Captiva in Indonesia, PT General Motors Autoworld Indonesia (Indonesia GM) launched a new variant. ATPM secretly Chevrolet cars in Indonesia that offers the sport utility vehicle (SUV), Chevrolet Prime limited edition.

GM Indonesia only provide 50 units of Prime for customers and has started to be booked in the nearest Chevy delaer.

The plan is sold at Rp340 million per unit on the road in Jakarta.

From the observation, there are some differences compared to the Prime offer conventional products. From the exterior, there is a new touch, among others, fog lamps with chrome decorations, sporting a sticker on both sides of the car, a new taillight design, and size 17-inch alloy wheels.

For the type of engine, GM’s choosing Indonesia 2.0-liter diesel and no change in the kitchen in terms of runway. Log into the interior, luxurious feel with a touch of suade material in the seat and door trim.

Prime is offered in two colors Black and Silver favorites. The reason, of all cars sold in Indonesia, dominated by the Black and Silver with the composition of each 35 percent, while the remaining contested by other colors.

Chevrolet Cruze Engine Car

Chevrolet Cruze Engine Car
Chevrolet Cruze engine provides 4 options. Gasoline four-cylinder 1600 cc and 1800 cc with Double Variable Valve Timing Continuosly Technology (DCVVTT) – Double Continuous Variable Cam phasing (DCVCP); 1400 cc four-cylinder petrol with petrol turbocharged four-cylinder 2400 cc with Variable Valve Timing and Direct Injection Technology – Direct Injection Spark Ignition (Sidi) and 2000 cc turbocharged with Common Rail Diesel Injection Technology.

However, from the four choices GMAI machine will first introduce and market the Chevrolet Cruze in Indonesia with a choice of petrol engines with a capacity of 1800 cc choice of five-speed manual transmission and a six-speed automatic.

With all the advantages Cruze in particular are not owned by a competitor in its class such as Double Continuous Variable Cam phasing (DCVCP), Cruise Control, ESP (Electronic Stability Program), Traction Control, six-speed automatic transmission, display Infortainment, Rain Sensor, Automatic Headlamp with Tunnel Detection, Follow Me Home and Welcome Light) and many more. GMAI optimistic Chevrolet Cruze will be well received by the market.

Chevrolet Cruze has a safety test of 5 stars (Crash Test) from EURO NCAP, Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP), 5 stars from the Chinese New Car Assessment Program (C-NCAP) and the Korean New Car Assessment Program (KNCAP).

Cruze sales achievements throughout the world have fantastic figures incised in the mid-class sedan that is, 128,485 units, up to December 2009. Chevy Cruze dibandrol began USD 309 million for the lowest variant.

Chevrolet Cruze

Chevrolet Cruze

Chevrolet Cruze, will be officially launched next March 15. This product includes security features and additional comfort, the glass film Perfections Security Bullet Resistance Film.

This glass layer according to the release that was sent GMAI able to change the direction of the bullet when fired into the glass. With this addition, Cruze will be a safer car for drivers and passengers, for example, from vandalism in the street disturbance.

Security Perfections Bullet Resistance Film thickness 8 mm and integrated with solar control coating that serves to reject the hot 99.0 percent (IR rejection) and 99.9 percent (UV control).

The use of glass layer does not affect visibility. Therefore, the driver remains safe Cruze raced at night. With the glass layer, the temperature inside the cabin is also maintained, for example, cooler during the day. Work became more efficient air conditioner. In addition, endurance nice interior materials.

New Spark Appears in IIMS

New Spark Appears in IIMS
The car is also a movie star Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen of the Autobot Skid aka Chevrolet Spark will be officially launched soon.

If the schedule does not change, this little car is likely to be launched in the arena of Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2010 is scheduled to be diselenggrakan in July.

This was revealed by the PR and Corporate Communications Manager of PT General Motors Autoworld Indonesia (GMAI) Kiki Fajar.

Chevy Spark, Macho and Style

Chevy Spark, Macho and Style
For fans of small cars like the Kia Picanto and Hyundai I10, get ready for the jealous after seeing the figure of the New Chevrolet Spark 1.2. Imagine, a car which is also the output of South Korea has so charming appearance.

aggressive and macho like to show that the car engine capacity is ready 1.200cc a serious challenge established models such as Hyundai and Kia Picanto I10.

Parties GM Spark seems to fix this in newer price range £ 6945 to £ 9845.

Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 (GM)

Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 (GM)
Motor Trend says, “Quickest? Most powerful? Most awe-inspiring? Yes, yes, and yes. Most difficult to drive at the limit? That too.”


Chevrolet Camaro SS (GM)

Chevrolet Camaro SS (GM)
Motor Trend says, “We were expecting more from the Bow-Tie bunch’s all-new hot rod, what with it dismissing the Ford Mustang GT and the Dodge Challenger R/T in a June comparison. Alas, in this obnoxiously competitive field, the rear-drive, 426-horsepower Camaro SS could muster only…last place.”

Chevrolet Cruze

Chevrolet Cruze

Sedan is planned to be offered in three engine options, ie, 1600 cc, 1800 cc and 2000 cc.

This car is known as the Daewoo Lacetti Primiere. The Cruze labels used in Australia. The price of Rp 300 million and Rp 350 million.

Chevrolet Cruze/ kompas

Chevrolet Camaro Transformer in Jakarta

Chevrolet Camaro

Cars in the movie of Transformer named Bumblebee is presented Jakarta in an exhibition called Chevy Show to satisfy the Transformer fans in Indonesia.