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Corolla Altis “Facelift”

Corolla Altis “Facelift”
Toyota, Corolla Altis, comes with a new face (facelift), which is more fresh. For the Indonesian market? This little sedan is not to fill the European market which went on sale in May this year.

On the exterior, new designs appear on the bumpers, grille up and down, and headlights (head-light). Sein also features an indicator lamp lights. Meanwhile, more fresh wheel designs. At the stern, the main changes occur at the stop sign lights, license plate holder with new decorations, and bumper.

Log into the interior, there has been some detail changes, such as steering wheel, a touch of silver on the instrument panel, door handles, center console, and the lock button on the door. The dashboard is also new with the color combinations.

Several other changes visible, like the automatic opener on the rear of the ignition key. In addition, the material is more comfortable seat, there’s Bluetooth connectivity for phones, and USB consoles and cable jack for Aux.

Engine behind the hood did not change. Varian equipment offered in four types, two petrol engine-powered 1.3 L and 1.6 L 101 dk (132 dk). The rest, “drinkers” diesel 1.4 L (90 dk) and 2.0 L (126 dk).


Toyota Vios TRD

Toyota Vios TRD

Jakarta – The presence of Toyota Vios TRD be a starting point which is vios identical with the rise of low-cost sedan. TRD Vios are now theme grade Made To Impress Others, proving the Vios to be created for cars praised by people who saw it.

Vios Vios is still carrying the engine was still carrying the series 1NZ-FE engine, 1497 cc four cylinder 16 valve DOHC with VVT-i. Vios is able to achieve maximum power 109 hp at 6000 rpm and maximum torque 14.5 kgm at 4200 rpm. Significant changes occurred in the exterior and interior of the car that first appeared in 2003.

The new Vios sedan concept saloon offers the ultimate in luxury, comfort and safety. just look at the package changes made on the exterior side of such a new grille, new alloy wheel design is also more elegant rear lights and chrome license plate numbers that decorate the place. On the interior, a new pattern which is used fabric seat cover is also building a luxurious impression. Beige interior was warm and soft. Leather wrapped steering wheel also memberik softer impression.

From the side of safety, a lot of features that predicate ‘first class’, as revealed Marketing Communications Manager of PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) Ahmad Rizal. Among the smart entry, smart start-stop, headlamp HID (High Intensity Discharge), which provides optimum illumination during the night journey and electronic throttle control system that set the throttle as efficiently as possible. There’s also a back sonar technologies that are not owned competitors.

Meanwhile, the Vios TRD Sportivo, which uses the base Vios GA / T is now more sporty with an additional aero spoiler kit such as front and rear bumpers and side skirts. Plus a new audio system that is more sophisticated. However, the suspension system has not changed. This is to maintain a level of comfort Vios. Especially for those who want to replace the suspension of the TRD, TAM provide it separately. Vios TRD Sportivo continued its success and Fortuner TRD Yaris TRD. It is not possible all Toyota models will be equipped with TRD variant.

The price for Vios TRD Sportivo A / T Rp 254.4 million, Vios GA / T USD 232.2 million, Vios GM / T USD 219.4 million, and Vios EM / T USD 206.4 million. TRD Vios comes with a choice of four colors, namely silver metallic, medium silver metallic, Black Mica, and beige metallic. In addition, the latest Vios also comes with two new colors, which is blackish red and light blue metallic Mica.

New Vios Facelift

New Vios Facelift
This week the PT Toyota-Astra Motor introduced the New Vios Facelift. This car is claimed to have a number of advantages such as its line-tage, speed and fuel saver maker. Very fuel efficient, but powerful.

Variants of this one is different thanks to present additional spoiler at the bottom of the front and rear bumpers, side skirts, and head unit with screen monitor that can be upgraded to be able to also function as a navigation device.

Strengthen its image as a dynamic executive sedan saloon, on the occasion of the same Toyota-Astra line-up also presents the latest New Vios TRD version. This new variant is ready to solidify our position as market leader Vios sedan entry.

First introduced in 2003, the Vios is one major player mini-sedan market nationally. New Vios attended since 2007 and until this year, there were always led the market in its class. Even in 2010, New Vios market share above 55%.

“This proves the existence of customer trust,” said President Director of Toyota Astra Motor Johnny Darmawan, in his statement, Thursday, April 8, 2010. “Vios is important for Toyota products globally. In Indonesia, Vios received recognition not only from the sales side, but also through various awards. ”

The New Vios maintain comfort features such as Smart Stop / Start Button, Smart Entry, and Steering Switches that make the driver more flexibility in choosing the songs and adjust volume directly from stirnya (type G).

New Vios safety features include front-tech HID lamp with automatic headlamp leveling, making the rider safe in any condition. And rear parking sonar to provide convenience when parking.

Kitchen-tech pacemaker 1NZ-FE VVT-i equipped with Electronic Trottle Intelligent Control System (ETCS-i) Technology is also one of the priority of the New Vios.

New Vios has four types, namely the GA / T which cost USD 232.200 million (on the road), type GM / T USD 219.400 million, this type of EM / T USD 206.400 million, and the type of TRD Sportivo USD 254.4 million. New Vios has some new color choices, such as Mica, and blackish red, light blue metallic. This completes the previous color options in silver metallic, medium silver metallic, Black Mica, beige metallic.

Toyota Prius is still Best Seller in Japan

Toyota Prius is still Best Seller in Japan
Although the issue of withdrawal and repair or recall of the Prius because of brake problems throughout the world incessantly, it was not made retroactive consumers. Evidently, the Japan Automobile Dealers Association (Jada) in March and then show, this hybrid car sales reached 35,546 units. This makes it a best-selling car in Japan.

Achievement was defended by the best-selling Prius for 11 consecutive months. With it all, this hybrid car sales in Japan for 12 months already reached 277,485 units. Total sales beat the previous best-selling car in Japan, Honda Fit or yiatu in Indonesia known as Jazz. Honda’s top product is sold 173,154 units during 12 months.

Because of the high consumer demand for Japanese of the Prius, the pivot of this car long enough, that is 6 months. Explained Similarly, Japanese consumers buy the high interest in the Prius is due to the existence of government incentives for the cars fuel economy. In this case, the Prius is not invincible!

Vios Facelift 2010

Vios Facelift 2010
New Vios or Vios Facelift was ready to come to Indonesia.

In the place of origin of these cars are assembled, Thailand, Vios new faces have been introduced on March 9 last. Now being exhibited at the Bangkok International Motor Show (BITEC), which lasted until 6 April.

Seeing new faces, some analysts caution Vios looks more cool and stylish. Change is not much done on the exterior and interior. Nevertheless, the changes were considered sufficient to give the impression gril luxury and sporty.

Gril new four-line models are now given a layer of chrome and gives the impression sporty and luxurious, and still accompanied with fog lights.

Side rearview mirror is still equipped with lights Sein. However, the new Vios looks more attractive with the new design 15-inch rims and 185/60R15 tires.

With equipment cabin design has not changed, except the steering wheel. Changes in color only on the center console or dashboard controls the audio and air conditioning installed. This section now appear with a darker color combination (middle) and silver on the outside.

Transmission rod coated with a skin now with audio buttons and change more significantly. While the multi-information display (MID) located in the center to inform the total mileage, fuel consumption, and average velocity. There’s also the AUX connection for MP3 players and iPods into the car entertainment system.

Machines still rely 1NZ-FE 1427 cc engine, with DOHC 16-valve technology, VVT-i. Because of that, the ability to produce power and torque are unchanged, ie 80 kW (109 PS) @ 6000 rpm and 141 rpm Nm@4.200. Active safety equipment is standard ABS, EBD.
Currently Vios is offered with 3 variants, with prices starting from USD 206,400,000 to USD 232,200,000.

Toyota Lexus LS600h

Toyota Lexus LS600h
PT Toyota Astra Motor, Indonesia Lexus has brought two units of the latest Lexus LS600 product hybrid. One unit will be used to sign test vehicle registration number (TPT), while the other is a special order.

“The launch will be done next year, but already there are two units in the present. There is a special order, I have to say enggak for whom, the other for tests,” said Principal Indonesia Lexus, Johnny Darmawan.

Lexus LS600h sedan apply a hybrid system on the engine. This car is categorized environmentally friendly vehicles carrying capacity 5.0 V8 engine and an electric motor with a maximum power of 430 hp.

Toyota Avanza 1.3 Matic

Avanza 1.3 G type Rp156, 55 million, more expensive than the type Rp10juta manual transmission. Likewise with type E Matik which will be introduced later, are also more expensive models Rp10 million from the current manual Rp132, 1 million. With this new variant, TAM targeting sales increase, but did not mention how much explicit numbers.

Automatic transmission at Avanza 1.3 G was picked directly from Avanza type S. Hence the ratio 4-speed transmission, the ratio of the same teeth. If any difference from Avanza S automatic, only at the end of the tooth ratio. Type G automatic, gear ratio of 5.571 finally, while the type S, 5.125. Comparison of final tooth manual Avanza G type, similar to the type S automatic.

With this automatic transmission, the weight becomes 25 pounds heavier than the manual version. But 15 kg lighter than the type S automatic.

In the interior, the change only on the center console. Now put the house and stick with the automatic transmission line model “gate”. Look pretty cool. Another is the extra gear position indicator on the instrument panel located between the two spheres, the speedometer and Tachometer.
1.3 G HargaAvanza automatic: USD 156,550,000. For comparison, 1.3 G type manual: USD 146,550,000 and type 1.5 automatic: USD 169,500,000

Prius Hybrid sales in Japan

Prius Hybrid sales in Japan
Toyota Prius Hybrid again outperformed rivals Honda Insight Hybrid weighs in the biggest-selling car in October 2009. Prius became the most popular car in Japan.

It was marked by the sale of the Toyota Prius Hybrid Gen3 reaching sales of 26,918 units in October 2009.

As quoted by the official Toyota site, Thursday (11/11/2009) Toyota Motor Co. The Prius Hybrid with back slit Gen3 satisfactory sales results in October 2009 the Prius Hybrid sales record of 26,918 units Gen3. With this result the Prius had perched on the top position for 6 consecutive months.

While twin-engined car Honda Hybrid was defeated by Prius Hybrid. Prius Hybrid heavy rivals only managed to occupy the ninth position of the list of best-selling car in Japan in October 2009.

Honda Insight Hybrid is only able to collect 7074 sales units.

Toyota Mark X

Toyota Mark X
Toyota Motor Corporation launched a special product for the Japanese, the Mark X with a new look. Mark X is different from the other Toyota sedans because it was designed with the concept of “sporty and luxurious” plus rear-wheel drive.

In Japan, the standard version of this car sold for 2.38 million yen or USD 237 million. The most expensive version with a capacity of 4 x 4 and the engine capacity of 3.5-liter V6 is sold at 3.8 million yen or USD 400 million. These include flat car for only 1435 mm high.

According to Toyota, this car is designed with the concept of “glam-tech” or glamorous and high technology.

Variant consists of the standard, sports, and premium. Besides the engine capacity of 3.5 liter V6, there is also the engine capacity of 2.5 liter V6. Motion system 4 x 2 rear wheel drive and 4 x 4. Toyota did not release details of this car’s engine capacity, good power, or torque.

Appearance or style of car is very interesting because it has a front bumper that is designed with a large size. Fog lights are positioned slightly inside. A total of three front lights arranged side by side. The same was done at the rear combination lamps.

Leather covered steering wheel to produce an ergonomic grip. The transmission bongol given layer of the skin to produce a sporty impression. View more complete with paddle shift that makes the driver does not have to bother lowering his hand if you want to feel the manual transmission.

Ability sprint car from 0 to 100 km / h only 8.4 seconds. Less responsive 2.5-liter, 3.5 liter especially!

Security Radar. The security system is included in this car is a pre-crash. This system works using millimeter wave radar. Radar detects collisions and warn the driver through a buzzer and impressions to be careful.

Additional safety systems are pre-crash brake assist system and the type of seat belt pre-crash brake system.

Type of adaptive front lights front-lightning system or AFS. As we turned the headlights of life, the beam changes in accordance with steering angle movement and speed of the car.

Other additional cruise control system (cruise) latest radar types. This system is equipped with a brake control function which detects and monitors the vehicle in front, and fixed distance according to the speed of vehicles in front of him.

There are also hill-start assist control that prevents the car back when the brake is released when the foot of the gas pedal shifts while on the ramp.

Other equipment, multi-information display with fuel consumption shows an average, mileage, and other data. All of this is shown through contrasting colors derived from organic electroluminescent display technology (EL).

AC Plasmacluster. Independent temperature controls for driver and passenger side is standard on all models. AC is also clean the dirt, dust, and purify the air in the cabin. AC is also equipped with Plasmacluster Ions technology to kill bacteria and create a comfortable cabin to keep the balance of positive and negative ions in the interior.

For ease of parking driver, Mark X is also equipped with a parking system aids the smart or intelligent parking assist system. The system works via an ultrasonic sensor mounted on the front of the car to detect the parking space.

Furthermore, the system will menbantu driver parked in parallel. The system will inform the driver to turn the wheel in one direction.

Toyota Corolla Altis 2.0

Toyota Corolla Altis 2.0

Toyota Corolla presented corolla the generation Corolla 10 with 2000 cc engine gress 3ZR-FE.