Toyota Recalls Other SUV

Toyota Recalls Other SUV
Largest car manufacturer in the world was again tripped. Not long ago the world’s largest car manufacturer that Lexus GX 460 merecall, is now a sport utility vehicle (SUV), Sequoia, production in 2003 which amounted to 50,000 units.

The problem is the same, namely its stability control system does not work perfectly, just different diperangkatnya. So, the Lexus GX 460 is “on the verdict easily overturned” by the magazine Consumer Reports, when a car sped around the corner quickly, liveliness of its stability control system is very slow.

While at Sequoia, electronic stability control system regulated by the computer through the two parts, between the brake and gas pedals. Depending on needs, but one goal to maintain tire traction on the corner.

Toyota and the American Institute of Highway Safety (NHSTA) said if they had received 163 reports from owners of Sequoia. But, no one suffered serious accidents.

“Toyota’s promise to investigate consumer complaints more aggressively and respond quickly,” said Steve St. Angelo, head of the quality of Toyota North America, as quoted by AP (04/29/2010).


The largest automobile exhibition in China

The largest automobile exhibition in China

Starting Tuesday (27/04/2010) until 2 May, the largest automobile exhibition in China, Beijing Auto Show (BAS), opened to the public, having previously opened to the press (April 23 to 24) and businessman (25 to 26 April) . Remarkably, almost all countries that have become central in the world of car manufacturers offering products, from concept, a new model, until the car will be marketed.

A number of manufacturers from the host region exhibited some environmentally friendly cars, such as the Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp (SAIC) and Dongfeng. From Germany, Audi, Mercedes, and Porsche come up with the concept of body bongsor. In addition, there was Ford, Hyundai, and from Japan with electric cars.

Well, in this show display concept cars from various countries.

Electric cars in Japan

Electric cars in Japan
Electric cars are now starting to enter a new era in Japan. Teijin Group of State Sakura makes a super-light electric vehicles which they named PU-PA EV. The use of lightweight materials in the structure of the “body” to make weight and a half times lighter than conventional products.

PU-PA EV built using various materials, among others, carbon fiber, polycarbonate resin, and Bio-polyesters. The result, the car weighs just 437 kilograms, as reported by Autoevolution, Sunday (04/25/2010).

Pupa name taken from the cocoon, the metamorphosis from caterpillar into butterfly. This vision is reflected from Teijin which predicts that the vehicle will be like a pupa within five to ten years into the future.

Pupa speeds reach 60 km per hour with a mileage of 100 km. This car also uses a variety of environmentally friendly raw materials to support the creation of cars that are more “green.”

In the interior, almost the entire surface using a bio-polyester material, call it upholstery, carpets, and a variety of existing communications equipment on the dashboard. Meanwhile, the top of the shock absorbers using polycarbonate resin material.

Currently, the concept car in the middle dipamerakan Teijin Mirai Studio, Tokyo, Japan. Teijin Group is a company that touched on various industries, namely automotive, aviation, information, elekrtonik, health, environment, and technology.

Fiat vs Ford in Beijing

Fiat vs Ford in Beijing
The Fiat 500 with an adorable four models now get a rival from Ford that offered the Start. Artificial concept cars that American car manufacturers were displayed in the carpet Beijing Auto Show 2010 in China.

Start a reliable Ford has 145 inches long, shorter than the Ford Fiesta in 2011 and is the same version of the MINI Cooper in 2010. Side-competitive designs same-inspired 500 from Ford Ka a fashionable as a subcompact city car that could succeed in the European market in the mid-1990s.

With a curved line of doors from aluminum, combined with the same roof line that integrates up rear glass, making the Start profile is very unique. Because, there is a rear passenger seat can also be baggage space. Curved lines that match the design of a combined front and rear LED lights.

Interestingly, the roof panel can be shifted Start, plus custom colors to make the cockpit seats are very elegant.

Exterior glance, the upper surface structure resembling contrived MyFord Touch that was introduced this year. MyFord called Mobile Concept, a system on the Start screen looks like in the iPhone or iPad, but united for the indication of temperature control and vehicle diagnostics.

Under the hood the engine that drives the motion of the front wheels, the kitchen is piled runway 1.0L 3-cylinder made of aluminum material. Small, but equipped with a turbocharged EcoBoost. Ford says that the machine, which will be produced, may also make the Fiesta, will be increased his power and drivability.

Bodinya panel composites using recycled materials. While recycled fiber interior and much more.

Mercedes-Benz With Euro3

Mercedes-Benz With Euro3

PT Mercedes-Benz Indonesia (MBI), revive its business in the commercial segment, which markets premium chassis for buses. As proof, after the launching of the top chassis of the bus, OH Euro3 1526, at the end of January, followed by OH1521 Euro3.

OH1521 Special to the launch late last week in Bandung, MBI invite the owners of the fleet on the island of Java, Bali, Lombok and Sumatra, particularly from companies otobus (PO) to view and try to direct the bus product. They are also given the opportunity to try OH1526 using six cylinder engine or a greater capacity for long-distance transport or between provinces.

Mercedes-Benz With Euro3
In the commercial segment, Mercedes-Benz currently rely solely on the chassis for buses. While for trucks, especially in class 2 ton, no longer come into play. “There has been a coincidence Mitbusihi currently memdominasi truck market in Indonesia and one group with us,” explains Rudi Borgenheimer, CEO and President Director of PT MBI. Therefore, MBI concentrate on premium bus chassis.

Honda CR-Z Hybrid Technology

Honda CR-Z hybrid technology
Honda CR-Z hybrid technology were launched in February last, er him already exist in Indonesia (especially Jakarta). In fact the magazine has done a first motor drive 2011 Honda CR-Z made to commemorate the triumph of the CR-X produced 1983-1991.

When the door opened, futuristic and sporty impression on the interior is very strong. From there see if the low seat position. This is what everyone would expect from a sportcar. The position of the pedals and gear shift lever also feels right driving position. Like Integra DC5.

The dashboard and instrument panel diramaikan many control buttons and functions. Need a little adaptation. clear, hybrid sports sensation can be felt by choosing 3 characters driving modes. There are economy, normal and sport. As a marker, the circular tachometer green light, blue and red.

Driving modes that could affect the throttle response, steering response, idle-stop time and energy released from the electric motor. Character suspension feels quite stiff, but not as rigid as Integra DC5. Just a little louder than the Civic FD2.

Although the body is sporty and futuristic, do not expect more than strength. Because, the CR-Z is a hybrid car that uses its power source the engine 1500 cc inline 4-cylinder, SOHC i-VTEC with Integrated Motor Assist (IMA).

Honda believes, design and delivery of CR-z is the right combination for the smart car enthusiasts comapct premium style with environmental issues. Sensai CR-Z is something different.

Lexus GX 460

Lexus GX 460
After the announced cessation of production of the Lexus GX 460 last week due to media reports Consumer Reports in the United States (U.S.), Toyota Motor Corp. finally (TMC) in Japan announced it would call for improvement (recall) of the product from the market. Consumer Reports in the review did not recommend consumers to buy because the sport utility vehicle (SUV) is easily rolled out in emergency situations.

The manufacturer said it will repair damage to the vehicle stabilization systems software 13,000 units of these SUVs that have circulated. Of that total, 9400 units in the U.S. market while the rest scattered around the globe, among others, Russia, Oman, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Canada.

“Since we first heard the issue was outstanding, Lexus and dealers we are moving quickly to reduce the existing turmoil. Our network will personally contact the customer to fix their cars,” said Mark Templin, vice president and general manager, Lexus Group, as reported by Bloomberg, Tuesday (20.4.2010).

In addition, the manufacturer also plans manarik 21,000 units of the Land Cruiser Prado models specifically countries with the position of the steering wheel on the left. Some countries it is, Russia, France, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Sudi Arabia, and Kuwait.

Mieko Iwasaki Toyota spokesman said the manufacturer also stop production activities for this model at the Tahara plant, Japan starting today until 28 April.

Meanwhile, Toyota has promised to deploy his engineers to address the findings made by the parties mediaConsumer Reports. Testing will be conducted for the GX 460 and Land Cruiser Prado which uses the same control system stability.

Supercar Audi R8 V10 Spyder

Supercar Audi R8 V10 Spyder
Movie, one most effective means to promote products. Not a few car manufacturers use the media exposed the big screen for the design, grandeur and kelincahannya.

Call it the famous James Bond film with the brand Aston Martin – had switched to the BMW Z3 – then Khight with a Pontiac Trans Am Rider, General Lee (Dodge Charger) from the Dukes of hazard, to the Ferrari Testarossa on Miami Vice. Every hero in the film have their own steed.

Well, now the German premium car manufacturer, Audi uses the second series of Marvel comic book movie plots universe, Iron Man as a media campaign. The main character, Tony Stark played by Robert Downey, the story would be driving a supercar Audi R8 Spyder V10 in their daily living.

Described as a milioner, the car will be equipped with a special number plate reads “Stark 11”. In Indonesia alone, the new film will be marketed around mid-May.

Now, weeks to more effectively campaign, the principals even create video ads that imply some scenes in the movie is science fiction.

Toyota Vios TRD

Toyota Vios TRD

Jakarta – The presence of Toyota Vios TRD be a starting point which is vios identical with the rise of low-cost sedan. TRD Vios are now theme grade Made To Impress Others, proving the Vios to be created for cars praised by people who saw it.

Vios Vios is still carrying the engine was still carrying the series 1NZ-FE engine, 1497 cc four cylinder 16 valve DOHC with VVT-i. Vios is able to achieve maximum power 109 hp at 6000 rpm and maximum torque 14.5 kgm at 4200 rpm. Significant changes occurred in the exterior and interior of the car that first appeared in 2003.

The new Vios sedan concept saloon offers the ultimate in luxury, comfort and safety. just look at the package changes made on the exterior side of such a new grille, new alloy wheel design is also more elegant rear lights and chrome license plate numbers that decorate the place. On the interior, a new pattern which is used fabric seat cover is also building a luxurious impression. Beige interior was warm and soft. Leather wrapped steering wheel also memberik softer impression.

From the side of safety, a lot of features that predicate ‘first class’, as revealed Marketing Communications Manager of PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) Ahmad Rizal. Among the smart entry, smart start-stop, headlamp HID (High Intensity Discharge), which provides optimum illumination during the night journey and electronic throttle control system that set the throttle as efficiently as possible. There’s also a back sonar technologies that are not owned competitors.

Meanwhile, the Vios TRD Sportivo, which uses the base Vios GA / T is now more sporty with an additional aero spoiler kit such as front and rear bumpers and side skirts. Plus a new audio system that is more sophisticated. However, the suspension system has not changed. This is to maintain a level of comfort Vios. Especially for those who want to replace the suspension of the TRD, TAM provide it separately. Vios TRD Sportivo continued its success and Fortuner TRD Yaris TRD. It is not possible all Toyota models will be equipped with TRD variant.

The price for Vios TRD Sportivo A / T Rp 254.4 million, Vios GA / T USD 232.2 million, Vios GM / T USD 219.4 million, and Vios EM / T USD 206.4 million. TRD Vios comes with a choice of four colors, namely silver metallic, medium silver metallic, Black Mica, and beige metallic. In addition, the latest Vios also comes with two new colors, which is blackish red and light blue metallic Mica.

Chevrolet Camaro Convertible

Chevrolet Camaro Convertible

Chevrolet Camaro Convertible released an official photograph in the latest social networking site Facebook (FB) recently.

Camaro Convertible glance looks almost identical to its coupe version. A number of design changes including brake lights, trunk-mounted antenna, and a key slot for the rear trunk.

Like the coupe, the Camaro Convertible is able to produce maximum power 312 hp (316 ps) for the variant 3.6-liter V6 engine, 400 hp (406 ps) for the version of the 6.2L V8 engine, and 6.2L V8 engine capable of generating power and 426 hp (432 ps) .

This car is scheduled to enter production early next year and the new can be sold April 2011.