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Nissan Fuga


Nissan Fuga
Fuga sedan officially launched at Nissan’s headquarters in Yokohama last weekend. After launching a competitor Toyota Camry sedan and Honda Accord, the fugue also will begin to be marketed in Europe under the name Infiniti M.

Fuga which first launched in October 2004 it received a new touch not only on the exterior but also targeting the interior, making it more stylish sedan.

For the engine, Nissan set up two versions, the V6 2.5-liter VQ25HR and the V6 3.7-liter VQ37VHR.

New exterior look of this fugue, which was a dynamic force with a low nose and fender design is reminiscent of the Infiniti models Essence concept. Strong impression and sangar also be seen from the wheel diameter is large enough.

If you want more sangar version, available more sporting models labeled 370GT Type S The difference with the regular version is the front bumper design and support aluminum alloy wheels measuring 20 inches .

From the interior, New fuga also got a touch of luxury such as high-quality leather and wood-lined bar. Not to mention the existence of sophisticated features for easy navigation, the CARWINGS HDD Navigation system with combined Built-in Digital Terrestrial TV tuner. Not only that, pemanja ear Nissan also provided for customers by adopting a Bose Surround Sound system.

Now turn to look into the hood. Beneath the hood is attached to the kitchen implanted 2.5-liter capacity that can generate power 165kW (225PS) at 6400rpm and torque of 258Nm at 4800rpm.

As for the kitchen implanted 3.7-liter capacity, features Nissan’s Variable Valve pinned Event and Lift (VVEL) system, and it can boost engine power up to 245kW (333PS) at 7000rpm, with torque of 363Nm at 5200rpm. And fun, the machine is supported by a 7 speed automatic transmission. So not only the energy distribution endless, but the matter of fuel consumption is also a consideration.

Well, if it is discharged view the New capabilities of this fugue, for those interested prepare pockets between 3,990,000 yen (29,850 euros) to 5,502,000 yen (41,165 euros).