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Hyundai Verna

Hyundai Verna
Largest automobile manufacturer in South Korea, Hyundai Motor Company, continues to strengthen its global product in the mini sedan segment. Verna launched its newest principals or Accent to the United States market in the carpet Beijing Auto Show, 26 April -2 May 2010.

From the shape, design look headlights, grille, and LED lights that are similar Sein smaller version of Sonata. In the interior, design and material quality improved.

Verna is using a new platform with 2.57-meter wheelbase was carrying gasoline engine 1.4 L Gamma with multiport injection. Power output reached 106 with a torque of 135 Nm dk. For transmission, there are two options, 5-speed manual that is claimed to consume a liter of fuel for 17.5 km and 4-speed automatic Fuel Economy with features that consume a liter to 16.1 km.

Hyundai also offers a second machine with a capacity of 1.6 L dk-powered 121 and 155 Nm of torque. For this option, light available four-speed automatic transmission.

“Today is very special for us. Not only will there is a new product, but this became the first launching a rarely performed outside the South Korean Hyundai. We deliberately chose China because this region is an important locations, as well as China’s consumers,” said Chung Euisun , Vice Chairman of Hyundai Motor, as reported Autoevolution


Honda All-New Odyssey

Honda All-New Odyssey
PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) is currently preparing the product that got missed in the last year, the All-New Odyssey in April of this past weekend.

HPM has pocketed two import permit from the Ministry of Industry, numbered 196/IATT/TPT/2/2010, 50 units in February this year and has made it into two units. Furthermore, with the number of import permits 507/IATT/TPT/4/2010 obtained 250 units and a new realization of two units.

HPM plans to officially launch a multi purpove vehicle (MPV) is a luxury mid-April 28, and worth about Rp600 million per unit. This news as well as rectify the issues that developed earlier, the launch is this coming May.

Odyssey’s fourth-generation 2.4-liter engine carries, CVT automatic transmission with torque converter. The launch was actually back in early 2009 a year because of economic recession! In Japan, the Odyssey-4 gene was first launched in Japan in October 2008!

Lexus ES 350 2010 edition

Mazda Axela Sport Style 1,5 S
Lexus ES 350 2010 edition is not an aggressive sedan. If you want to take the car speeding with shock acceleration as the European sports car, the Lexus ES 350 is not an option. But if you are looking for is the softness, silence, sophistication and comfort, this car is the right choice.

Test Drive site claims that you can comfortably drink a cup of cappuccino while driving in it without fear of spilling everywhere. This car is very ‘smooth’ but still powerful. Six-speed automatic transmission capable of channeling energy without a pause as if in every shift.

Lexus ES 350 carrying the V6 engine can produce 3.500cc horsepower 272. 100km/jam speed can be obtained from at rest in just 6.8 seconds. Note that good for a big sedan like this.

We stepped on the gas pedal response will be felt immediately. Engine is very smooth because it is equipped with electro-hydraulic system that can reduce vibration.

Lexus ES 350 interior was no less enchanting. Many choices of wood panels that can add an elegant cabin car. For 2010 models, navigation facilities are getting better because it can function with voice commands.

Safety factor is of particular concern. In front there are dual airbags and dual knee airbags. Plus side airbags in the curtain airbags as well as to protect the head from heavy impact.

Nissan Navara ST-X Series 4

Nissan Navara ST-X Series 4
Nissan Australia (NA) introduced a pick-up double cab (D-Cab) Navara ST-X Series 4 for the market in the country, which increased steadily. NA management reports, as quoted autoevolution.com (24/3/2010).

In terms of appearance (exterior) no significant changes, except power turbo diesel engine capacity was increased to a 2.5 L 140 kW with 250 Nm of torque. Plus, safety features including ESP.

Still racing around the kitchen, the changes are also made on the direct injection system (direct injection system), which previously operated with a 1800 bar, now a 2000 bass. Including engine cylinder head design with parallel ports.

Combination of test results, utility vehicle with manual transmission version of the 6-level acceleration, fuel consumption reached 8.5 liters per 100 km. 1.3 liter means more efficient than before. The automatic transmission was a 5-speed to produce 9.0 liters per 100 km, is also more efficient than ever that consume 10 liters per 100 km. Added, CO2 emissions are also lower.

“With increasing energy, the rider can make smile Navara ST-X. Not only was I increased, but also inputs, especially fuel consumption. Also, reduced emissions,” said NA management that was read.

On the inside Navara ST-X was added as a new switchgear, lining doors, and seat fabric. Other features, standard ESP, brake assist, EDB, 17-inch rim, the main lights can be controlled, AWD mode selection, and 4-channel utili-track.

Nissan Eco Car

Nissan Eco Car
On 12 March, Nissan has started to produce the Eco-Car, the Nissan March, although the official launch of the new is coming on March 26, coinciding with the opening of the Bangkok International Motor Show 2010.

March or in India and Europe called the Micra, standard version with manual transmission 5-speed, white elephant in the country is sold at a price of Rp 106 million or 375,000 bath. While most luxurious version, bath, or 537,000 USD 155 million, CVT automatic transmission (only available in June).

From the dimensions, March or Micra less than Livina. March Group is a Toyota Yaris, Honda Jazz, Mazda2, Hyundai i20, Chevy Aveo, and soon to be followed Ford Fiesta. March machines used smaller (so called “Eco-Car”), 1.2-liter, 3 cylinder, DOHC, 12 valves.

With the smaller engine capacity, of course not the same ability to March with a small car over. If Nissan marketed in Indonesia, most nearby opponent is Suzuki Splash. Both use a 1.2 liter engine. The ability to produce engine power is almost the same.

Nissan Fuga


Nissan Fuga
Fuga sedan officially launched at Nissan’s headquarters in Yokohama last weekend. After launching a competitor Toyota Camry sedan and Honda Accord, the fugue also will begin to be marketed in Europe under the name Infiniti M.

Fuga which first launched in October 2004 it received a new touch not only on the exterior but also targeting the interior, making it more stylish sedan.

For the engine, Nissan set up two versions, the V6 2.5-liter VQ25HR and the V6 3.7-liter VQ37VHR.

New exterior look of this fugue, which was a dynamic force with a low nose and fender design is reminiscent of the Infiniti models Essence concept. Strong impression and sangar also be seen from the wheel diameter is large enough.

If you want more sangar version, available more sporting models labeled 370GT Type S The difference with the regular version is the front bumper design and support aluminum alloy wheels measuring 20 inches .

From the interior, New fuga also got a touch of luxury such as high-quality leather and wood-lined bar. Not to mention the existence of sophisticated features for easy navigation, the CARWINGS HDD Navigation system with combined Built-in Digital Terrestrial TV tuner. Not only that, pemanja ear Nissan also provided for customers by adopting a Bose Surround Sound system.

Now turn to look into the hood. Beneath the hood is attached to the kitchen implanted 2.5-liter capacity that can generate power 165kW (225PS) at 6400rpm and torque of 258Nm at 4800rpm.

As for the kitchen implanted 3.7-liter capacity, features Nissan’s Variable Valve pinned Event and Lift (VVEL) system, and it can boost engine power up to 245kW (333PS) at 7000rpm, with torque of 363Nm at 5200rpm. And fun, the machine is supported by a 7 speed automatic transmission. So not only the energy distribution endless, but the matter of fuel consumption is also a consideration.

Well, if it is discharged view the New capabilities of this fugue, for those interested prepare pockets between 3,990,000 yen (29,850 euros) to 5,502,000 yen (41,165 euros).

Toyota Avanza 1.3 Matic

Avanza 1.3 G type Rp156, 55 million, more expensive than the type Rp10juta manual transmission. Likewise with type E Matik which will be introduced later, are also more expensive models Rp10 million from the current manual Rp132, 1 million. With this new variant, TAM targeting sales increase, but did not mention how much explicit numbers.

Automatic transmission at Avanza 1.3 G was picked directly from Avanza type S. Hence the ratio 4-speed transmission, the ratio of the same teeth. If any difference from Avanza S automatic, only at the end of the tooth ratio. Type G automatic, gear ratio of 5.571 finally, while the type S, 5.125. Comparison of final tooth manual Avanza G type, similar to the type S automatic.

With this automatic transmission, the weight becomes 25 pounds heavier than the manual version. But 15 kg lighter than the type S automatic.

In the interior, the change only on the center console. Now put the house and stick with the automatic transmission line model “gate”. Look pretty cool. Another is the extra gear position indicator on the instrument panel located between the two spheres, the speedometer and Tachometer.
1.3 G HargaAvanza automatic: USD 156,550,000. For comparison, 1.3 G type manual: USD 146,550,000 and type 1.5 automatic: USD 169,500,000

Honda Acura ZDX

Honda Acura ZDX, photo

Provided 3.7 liter SOHC V-6, the car is able to produce energy of 300 dk. System equipped with six-speed-automatic transmission plus paddle-shifted behind the wheel. This car also aplicated Super Handling All Wheel Drive (SH-AWD) for the driving wheels.

Honda Freed


Honda Freed will be marketed in June by PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM), Freed present as 7-seater MPV in the saturation model for consumer choice and the world as a more global economic crisis was that the car continues to make the price rise.
High body postures above 1.70 meters, width 1695 mm Freed.

Freed takes concept of Triangle Square. If freed viewed from the side, front of the triangle and start up the cabin space to form the back of the box. This is what makes a roomy cabin space. In addition, the rear seats can be folded (fold up) in accordance with their needs.
Both doors have a sliding door system. Then, separate models kursinya (captain seat), both middle and rear.

Free + Do = Free move, Honda called free + do (Freed).

Stay on engine 1500 cc i-VETC, Freed already meet the standards Euro4. Also luxurious interior. Not a lot of the buttons and stick transmission (only exit automatic transmission version) positioned on the dashboard so that there is no console box and make the space wider.

A speed indicator designed in accordance with the position of director of approach, is from the top of the dashboard. Underneath there is space to place the buttons and there are additional places to drink, driver place, passenger in front.

iMiEV run quiet

While in the rear wheel of this car, no different than a conventional car. Control equipment to run the same. Likewise, forms, namely at the wheel, brake pedal and akslerator (gas), hand brake, rod transferring tooth type “gate”, such as the automatic transmission version now, the contact-starter and the instrument panel.

After knowing the position of equipment control car, so the car can run, the next target is the search for the location of “key contacts”. Located in the steering, like a normal car. Enough with the operation of the play.

When the lock-in contact “on-going, the instrument display to show” O “(zero) on the speedometer. Indicators and the transmission and tripmeter also appear in digital impressions. Simple one. In the middle of the dashboard, on the monitor screen showing a map with the letter size description. “The original Japanese!”

Without Vibration
In a conventional car with the engine or motor fuel, when the key contact “on” or want to run, the vibration and sound of the engine is ready to sign the road! Now, in the car, such as electric iMiEV this, there is no vibration and roar. As a result, we are not sure the car is ready to run.

In fact, the iMiEV electric car is not my first try. In 1992, I have been trying to VW in the electricity Mondiale de Gen?ve or Geneva car exhibition. That time I felt that, while trying to run a car, not sure ready to run. Parties, no vibration and engine roar. The same repeated again in the iMiEV!

“This is ready to run,” ask me to Takayuki Yatabe sitting in the front passenger seat and who is responsible for technology in the electric car is Mitsubishi made.

Takayuki is still young, replied, “Yes. Ready to run! However, the electric motor is not working. “This means that the battery is not menggerahkan energy to the electric motor. Meanwhile, the gasoline or diesel engine, be sure that the energy is used to.

I tread brake pedal. Hand brake is revealed. Position rod transmitting all the “P”, movable immediately to the “D”. When transmitting my opeasikan that, Takayuki told me to step on brake pedal.
After akselerator pedal in the press, the car moving. There is no vibration, no roar of the engine. Quiet atmosphere. I try to use the brake, it can operate with the grip. Cars can be invited to glide smoothly.

Effect “Engine Brake”
Is a little different letters listed paa transmission. It turns out slightly different than a car with automatic transmission. In the iMiEV written “P, R, N, D, B and Eco.” This last letter is different. Takayuki explain it, its function as a brake or the additional security that is used when the car is in the transcript. While the “Eco” which is also applied on many cars now, assigned to economical energy or throttle relaxed.

However, that, when the car throttle position “D”, feels big enough labor. Akselerasin also responsive, especially at the start of the silence. For other conditions, because it can not dikebut a maximum, not much is known. Parties, each of journalists were given only 2 minutes to try in the supermini circuits.

Want to get experience as iMiEV up passengers only? Thank fast-Mitsubishi came to stand in the Arena Pekan Raya Jakarta in Indonesia-Japan Expo 2008 which lasted until 9 November this!