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Gleagle IG Hybrid

Gleagle IG Hybrid
IG Geely or with the product name Gleagle IG criticized by China Car Times. “Small cars are only suitable for use in the city. However, the door that opens upward makes it difficult, even to nudge the car parked next to it. Doors can also hit the roof of the parking lot, “writes the media.

Surprisingly again, the media does not know exactly where the car was made. They estimate that only cars made in Lin Hai, Zhejian Province, not far from the headquarters of Geely, Hangzhou.

Interestingly enough, the hood of this small hybrid car is also fitted with solar panels. According to Geely, the panel used to charge the battery. As a source of prime mover, this car uses the engine capacity of 1.0 liters.

To couple power hybrids, electric motors, and batteries supplied in accordance with the desire and ability of consumers. “Costs flexible,” wrote Geely. This was done because Geely electrical and battery system that offers the lowest price of 10,000 yuan or USD 13.2 million.

“Consumers can choose different standards according to their needs, like buying a digital camera that uses a variety of memory cards,” added Geely in the site about this concept car sales.

He also explains, in particular for electrical components, there was a contradiction between the price of batteries and the distance. The further the distance that can be generated from battery-powered, large increases in size. The price is also so expensive.

IG is on display today has undergone a change from the prototype on display before. If previously only used three seats with the concept of a triangle, now, the car has two seats in front (including the driver) and two behind.

Explained all, the car is equipped with a large alternator and start & stop system. We stopped at the intersection waiting for the green light, the engine will die. Engine will live longer automatically once trodden on the accelerator. System used is the mild hybrid or a combination of series and parallel (the same used Prius).


Toyota BA

The BA was an austerity sedan, and used wood in its framing to conserve metal. This model is said to have been based on the Volvo PV60, but this is open to question, since the PV60 was not introduced until 1944, and did not enter production until 1946. Most of the prototypes of this Volvo were built in the 1942-1944 period. There is anecdotal information regarding a 1939 PV60 prototype, but the data is sketchy and no photos exist.

Dates and Production Figures
The BA may only have been produced in 1940, when it was introduced. No more than 17 were built. A few sources list production having occurred in 1943, despite admitting to the 1940 introduction, but judging from 1943’s production figures, the majority of which would have to represent the AC, it would not seem to be the case that all 17 BA production cars were built that year. Perhaps the model was scheduled to go into full production in 1943. This did not happen. Alternatively, the production of the 17 cars may have been stretched over the 1940-1943 period, with the last few being completed in 1943. Support for this would come from a photograph (obtained from Toyota Motor Co. Ltd.) of a BA captioned as “1943 Totoya Model BA 4-cylinder saloon” in at least one source.