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Gleagle IG Hybrid

Gleagle IG Hybrid
IG Geely or with the product name Gleagle IG criticized by China Car Times. “Small cars are only suitable for use in the city. However, the door that opens upward makes it difficult, even to nudge the car parked next to it. Doors can also hit the roof of the parking lot, “writes the media.

Surprisingly again, the media does not know exactly where the car was made. They estimate that only cars made in Lin Hai, Zhejian Province, not far from the headquarters of Geely, Hangzhou.

Interestingly enough, the hood of this small hybrid car is also fitted with solar panels. According to Geely, the panel used to charge the battery. As a source of prime mover, this car uses the engine capacity of 1.0 liters.

To couple power hybrids, electric motors, and batteries supplied in accordance with the desire and ability of consumers. “Costs flexible,” wrote Geely. This was done because Geely electrical and battery system that offers the lowest price of 10,000 yuan or USD 13.2 million.

“Consumers can choose different standards according to their needs, like buying a digital camera that uses a variety of memory cards,” added Geely in the site about this concept car sales.

He also explains, in particular for electrical components, there was a contradiction between the price of batteries and the distance. The further the distance that can be generated from battery-powered, large increases in size. The price is also so expensive.

IG is on display today has undergone a change from the prototype on display before. If previously only used three seats with the concept of a triangle, now, the car has two seats in front (including the driver) and two behind.

Explained all, the car is equipped with a large alternator and start & stop system. We stopped at the intersection waiting for the green light, the engine will die. Engine will live longer automatically once trodden on the accelerator. System used is the mild hybrid or a combination of series and parallel (the same used Prius).


Nissan Leaf Car

Nissan Leaf Car
Electric cars will soon enter the commercial market. One of them is Nissan Leaf. This car was planned to go on sale in the United States at the end of this year.

Mileage on a single battery is 160 km. This result is the first capability offered by Nissan for prospective customers. Based on the survey, it’s ability to meet 95 percent of the daily vehicle in the United States. In Indonesia, the condition is of course not much different!

Then what about price? According to Nissan, the price is already included Leaf pack li-ion battery similar to the sedan in the segment with features. Sedan segment is the Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic, Chevrolet Cruze, and Ford Focus. In Indonesia, the price on the USD 325 million-USD 375 million. Leaf itself into the segment C. Therefore, naturally have a lot of Leaf ordered from now.

Nissan strategy indirectly menyosor individual consumers. Rental cars are also targeted. With this, consumers do not have to have it directly, but can be hired to determine the ability of this electric vehicle first.

Price battery itself has not announced by Nissan. However, Leaf will be produced according to plan as many as 50,000 units in its factory in Japan and will be marketed throughout the world. For the battery, the capacity of its factory in Japan is 65,000 units per year. Battery plant will be built in the United States in 2011 with production of 200,000 sets of batteries per year. Battery plant will be built in the UK and Portugal.

The distance resulting from the battery is 160 km at the contents. This is in accordance with the method of driving in the city of EPA standards, the United States. The car slid under a 150 speed or the highest speed kpj Leaf. These results do not include the operation of the mode “ECO” is expected to extend the mileage 15-20 percent. In addition, there is also a model “running out of juice” that makes the car will reduce energy use, including for operational accessories.

What if the battery suddenly ran out and depots do not exist? “Before you run out, drivers were given warnings, such as conventional cars when gas is thin,” said Mark Perry, Director of Product Planning Nissan America.

According to plan, Nissan will also work with AAA to the special charger and will charge the battery in a few minutes. That way, the car can move on to the public depots. Hence also, the car is equipped with navigation systems that can show the public depots nearest electricity!

Battery life
The next question, how old battery li-ion? Based on the laws in California, age must be 10 years or 240,000 km warranty. The federal guarantee of just 8 years or 128,000 km. According to Perry, the first-generation battery pack will only have the ability to use 70-80 percent after 10 years.

The batteries used are li-ion with high density lining plus cathode made of manganese oxide. This battery has a low internal resistance with good heat stability. Leaf battery developed by Nissan with NEC, which is also the name of Automotive Energy Supply Corp. (AESC).

Battery pack weight is 218 kg and has included the control module. The total capacity is 24kWh, with 140W-h/kg cell energy density. The cell weight of about 171 kg. Meanwhile, the electric motor mounted on the ability transaksel with 80 kW and 280 Nm of torque.

However, heavy vehicles have not been announced. The Leaf axle distance is 2700 mm and 4445 mm long.

Old charging
Charging the car battery charger with two connectors. One for electricity in the house with the minimum voltage 200 volts, and the second for fast charging. Charging time at home is 6-8 hours. When using a special charger, charging for 30 minutes was able to fill 80 percent of the battery.

When plugged into the outlet, the car IT system can be programmed via cell phone. The system included to set the conditions of passenger space, activate the heater temperature, and air conditioning systems.

Like hybrid cars, Leaf designed using a component aimed at mengirit fuels, including tires with low rolling resistance. However, for the body, resistance (cd) Leaf higher than the Prius, with a ratio of 0.25 and 0.29

Like a wind of heaven, Nissan will continue the next electric vehicle projects, plus a small commercial version of the Infiniti luxury.