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Ford supports the American Idol Show (AIS)

Ford supports the American Idol Show (AIS). Some packages given to 12 finalists, and they can dump one of his creation on Ford’s flagship product, that’s Fiesta. In fact, the two finalists asked to sign his name in the body during the final Fiesta.

One of the largest car manufacturer in America, Ford, had come to support the talent search event that the singer. The proof, cooperation with the committee had been going on long enough.

“Ford was a sponsor of American Idol since the first held in 2002,” said Ford Brand Manager Content & Alliances Connie Fontaine. Each year, more Connie, his party tried to give a relationship with different nuances and fun continues. “For this year, the idol will get the experience to look more closely at our products. They can also Interactive with designers, and may spill their creativity to the Ford Fiesta,” said Connie.

Later, the 12 contestants will be given a painting Fiesta 9 different colors to choose from, including squeeze lime, blue flame, and bright magenta. Then, they were asked to select the graphic body, rim, and other accessories to be transformed into the body Fiesta in accordance with their expression.

“Ford is very fond of young designers who bring fresh thinking to the product line-up Ford,” called Connie. We hope, he continued, the design can be merged with American Idol that will produce a good product to be sold in the market. “



GAZ (RTS:GAZA) or Gorkovsky Avtomobilny Zavod (Russia, Nizhny Novgorod), translated as Gorky Automobile Plant (Russian: ??? or ???????????? ?????????????? ??????), started in 1929 as NNAZ, a cooperation between Ford and the Soviet Union.

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