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Mercedes-Benz E Klasse 6 Doors

Mercedes-Benz E Klasse 6 Doosr
German manufacturer Mercedes-Benz car modification firm in cooperation with Mercedes-Benz Binz make berbodi stretched sedan, named the Mercedes-Benz E Klasse Limousine.

Yes, this car was really long, with six door configurations. So now be 5.98 meters in length, which means 1.11 meters longer than the standard version of the E Klasse.

This is easy to be done by Binz, who was expert to modify the cars special services such as ambulances, hearses or the fire department. So, now the car has two additional seats and two doors, with a seven passenger haulage.

Addition of two doors, it must provide easy access for the passengers. Only, need to think more to make the chassis so that the framework re-
remain rigid, because with the addition of doors, the middle support poles should be shifted.

E-Klasse Limousine will also be available with different levels of armoring and features to ensure the safety and comfort of an adequate standard. Includes wall
baffle, driver and passenger compartment wrapped in leather.

Consumers also can choose from three seating options, namely six passenger door where the second row facing the driver, Vis-a-Vis Limousine, thus
The second and third row passengers facing each other, and limousine or Individual
without second-row seats.

As reported by Autoevolution, Tuesday (05/04/2010) luxury limousines will be offered with two petrol engines BlueEfficiency CGI E 350 and E 500 and E250 BlueEfficiency and diesel engines.

All versions have a maximum speed is limited electronically to 210 km per hour on, the notes are not bad for a car weighing 2100 kg is.


Ford Transit Connect Commercial Van

Ford Transit Connect commercial van

Electric version of the Ford Transit Connect commercial van will come at the end of 2010. Followed by Ford Focus Electric in 2011.

This electric Ford Focus will be fully supported by the power of the battery, which means not going to use a drop of gasoline too, and will produce zero emissions.

Electric version of the Ford Focus was able to travel up to 100 miles, making it ideal as a commuter car for daily use while driving around town.

Charging the lithium-ion batteries on the electric Ford Focus will take between six to eight hours using a 220V outlet or more, through a 110V electrical outlet.

Focus Electric will also feature user-friendly interface similar to the Ford Fusion Hybrid, which is a screen to provide information to the driver of the vehicle and battery charging.

Nissan Fairlady Z 432 Tomica

Nissan Fairlady Z 432 Tomica
Tomica want to make a miniature of the Nissan Fairlady Z 432 the predicted value up to 7 million yen, or approximately USD 709.21 million.

Die cast Fairlady happened this year’s 40th birthday, made from 100 percent platinum materials supplied by famous jewelry company in Japan, Ginza Tanaka.

And the good thing again, but very high value, these cars were not just rely on material that was already expensive, details of these cars were very good.

Although small, Tomica make this car almost the same as the original car. The door can be closed even with the wheels can also be played.

The plan of this expensive toys will be displayed in Tomica Fair in Osaka on May 5 to 23 after previously exhibited at the Hong Kong International Jewelry Show on March 5 last.

Audi e-tron Car

Audi e-tron Car
German car manufacturers four rings logo, Audi, a new surprise with the introduction of another version of electric sports variant, e-Tron in the carpet
2010 Detroit Auto Show or the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS).

When e-Tron previous version on display at the Frankfurt Auto Show September 2009 and makes us think of the Audi R8, then with 27 cm shorter, and the reduced width of 12 cm, the latest version of e-Tron is reminiscent of the Audi R4.

Reporting from Worldcarfans, Wednesday (13/11/2010), two electric motors drive the front axle and rear. Together they can generate power of 204 hp and reaches peak torque of 2650 Nm.

Thus, car-called ‘baby R8’ this could run from 0 – 100 km per hour in 5.9 seconds, with a limited maximum speed to 200 km per hour.

To be invited to speeding, Lithium-ion batteries that are used can be recharged about 11 hours from a household electrical socket, when completely empty, or just two hours from the 400 volt power source.

The e-tron has no transmission, only two reduction gears (1:6 ratio in front and 1:7 ratio in rear, owing to the larger wheels on the rear). The gearing is why the car has a nominal horsepower of 313 hp but on-paper torque of 3,319 pound-feet. Obviously, you can’t unleash that kind of twist all at once or the car would rip its own axles apart. With about 550 pound-feet of torque doled out by the computers, the car’s 0-62 mph pace is 4.8 seconds. Top speed is e-limited to 155 mph.

Taxi Chevrolet Lova

(picture from detik)

Chevrolet Lova

Taxi from Chevrolet Rp. 135 Million on the road