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2010 Detroit Auto Show

2010 Detroit Auto Show
This year’s 2010 Detroit Auto Show is over, at least for the press, and while some significant vehicles were unveiled, the overall impression we got is that the industry has scaled back. Less debuts combined with smaller and less elaborate displays made the whole affair feel significantly downsized compared to previous years.

In better times exhibitors at Detroit’s North American International Auto Show might steal the stage with a stunningly imaginative, if impractical, concept car, or by crashing a Jeep Grand Cherokee through Cobo Hall’s front windows.


Audi e-tron Car

Audi e-tron Car
German car manufacturers four rings logo, Audi, a new surprise with the introduction of another version of electric sports variant, e-Tron in the carpet
2010 Detroit Auto Show or the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS).

When e-Tron previous version on display at the Frankfurt Auto Show September 2009 and makes us think of the Audi R8, then with 27 cm shorter, and the reduced width of 12 cm, the latest version of e-Tron is reminiscent of the Audi R4.

Reporting from Worldcarfans, Wednesday (13/11/2010), two electric motors drive the front axle and rear. Together they can generate power of 204 hp and reaches peak torque of 2650 Nm.

Thus, car-called ‘baby R8’ this could run from 0 – 100 km per hour in 5.9 seconds, with a limited maximum speed to 200 km per hour.

To be invited to speeding, Lithium-ion batteries that are used can be recharged about 11 hours from a household electrical socket, when completely empty, or just two hours from the 400 volt power source.

The e-tron has no transmission, only two reduction gears (1:6 ratio in front and 1:7 ratio in rear, owing to the larger wheels on the rear). The gearing is why the car has a nominal horsepower of 313 hp but on-paper torque of 3,319 pound-feet. Obviously, you can’t unleash that kind of twist all at once or the car would rip its own axles apart. With about 550 pound-feet of torque doled out by the computers, the car’s 0-62 mph pace is 4.8 seconds. Top speed is e-limited to 155 mph.

Audi A3 TDI 2010

2010 Green Car of the Year

Audi started its big push for clean diesel here in the U.S. market this spring when its big Q7 TDI finally went on sale. While the Q7 TDI is one of the most fuel efficient seven-passenger SUVs available anywhere, it’s only the beginning for Audi. Assuming that Americans start taking a shine to diesel, Audi is likely to introduce a whole series of Rudi D’s disciples here. So far, however, only one has been announced in addition to the Q7, the compact A3 hatchback.

The A3 TDI (which stands for turbo direct injection) has an EPA highway fuel economy rating of 42 mpg — a 50% improvement over the gasoline-powered A3.

The A3 is the entry-level model for the four-ringed brand here in the U.S. Until now, it has only been sold with a choice of a 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder or 3.2-liter V6 engines running on gasoline. At the Detroit Auto Show, Audi announced that the A3 TDI would go on sale late this year. While the A3 TDI isn’t yet available, one was made available to us for five days during a recent trip to Southern California. Find out what it was like after the jump.

The other finalists were the 2010 Honda Insight hybrid, Toyota Prius hybrid, Volkswagen Golf TDI and Mercury Milan hybrid, the only nominee from an American automaker.

Best 10 Concept Car 2009

Best 10 Concept Car 2009
Even coming from the global financial crisis hit, the development of the world’s automotive technology continue to move forward. Vehicles in the form of the following concepts sophisticated technology flowing throughout 2009.

To recall, one of the world automotive sites, Worldcarfans, has set 10 best concept cars in 2009 (Best 10 Concept Car 2009). Assessment is not seen from the form and technology, but from the number of visitors who click. The result, the cars from Germany judged more aggressive.

10 concept cars :

1. BMW Vision EfficienctDynamic – 191,848 visitors
This car combines all the elements, ranging from power, performance, design, and technology combined with design chiselled body. Hybrid diesel engine 3 cylinder with two electric motors supplied from BMW M power. Acceleration 0-100 km / h in 4.8 seconds followed by consumption of 3.76 liters of fuel to travel 100 km on a single test in Europe.

2. VW Blue Sport – 129,127
Debut in Detroit, this car is the combination of high fuel economy with a sporty driving style. 2.0L engine equipped with powerful 180 hp TDI, Blue Sport able to penetrate time acceleration of 6.6 seconds for 0-100 km / h with a fuel consumption 4.3 liters per 100 km.

3. MINI Coupe – 119,888
Introduced at the Frankfurt Motor Show, MINI Coupe had lured the men with the figure as a vehicle berkonfigurasi aggressive sporty two-seater. So, very radical side profile, with the roof of aluminum.

4. Audi Sportback – 106,632
Introduced at the Detroit Auto Show ago, Sportback Concept is positioned as a variant of the A5 Coupe. Same with the BMW 5-Series GT, this coupe has a five-door and has 4 seats.

5. BMW 5-Series GT – 98,436
Special display in Munich and to the public at an exhibition in Geneva, this car combines elements of crossover, hatchback, and 4-door luxury coupe (similar to the Mercedes CLS) with only 4 seats.

6. Infiniti Essence – 90,509
Essence Infiniti is a luxury coupe sedan with two drive systems, the gasoline and hybrid. Powerful 600 hp engine. The focus of the design of this coupe sports car classic, but full of energy.

7. Corvette Stingray – 80,625
The only known American car through the Transformers movie, and also photographs taken clandestinely. Not to be produced, this car has a little extreme form, is the combination of features classic Corvette and 1963 models.

8. Audi Q5 Custom – 61,692
This is a concept that worked on modifications to the base house fitted Q5 Audi S4 engine supercharged 3.0L V6. Other changes, plus a foot wide and 90 mm 60 mm lowered suspension with four wheels wearing 21-inch alloy wheels. The brakes use a ceramic material.

9. Bugatti 16C Galibier – 56,841
Exclusively introduced after the September Frankfurt show, it looks more elegant and powerful as a sedan. Bugatti CEOP says Franz-Josef Paefgen. Perhaps, the claim was stated because only 8.0L W16 engine with power of 800 hp and 1000 hp. The Bugatti 16C second version will appear in 2013.

10. Subaru Legacy – 50,991
Just like America, only the Japanese representative 3.6L Boxer engine with four seats on the bench are the instrument panel with touch models. Legacy Concept-wheel drive system equipped with all-wheel drive.

New generation of the BMW Z4

(picture from okezone)

Munich – German auto, BMW re-introduce the newest series Z roadster, Z4. This car will reportedly be displayed in the exhibition Detroit Auto Show in January next year.

BMW Z4 appear with a body design that is more aggressive, and draw the line firmly underline the sporty impression. Just look at the appearance of two new Grill designed. Front bumper of a bend in the middle of the face, with the combination of light taper, the radiating aura of a sports car.

In the background also receive improvements. Design stop Lamp and rear bumper made up aggressively. However, the most colorful is the roof that can open-close only in the time just 20 seconds.

Meanwhile, the kitchen pacemaker trusted 2.5 liter six-cylinder line that can produce 204 hp power. This energy flowed through the six-speed level that is set automatically. BMW also provides variants of 3.0 liters, which can produce 258 hp, with maximum Torque 228 lb-ft.

When you feel less forceful, please select which has a capacity of 3.0 liter engine twin turbo. this machine is able to produce up to 306 hp power, capable of acceleration 0-100 km / h in only 5.2 seconds of time.

Interior Z4 made nuanced blend of black and white, which is equipped on some wood accents the instrument panel. Looks sporty but very comfortable to be in a relatively long time. BMW will be planned to start producing cars in 2010.

Mercy B-Class Electric in the NAIAS Auto Show 2008

(picture from Mercedes-Benz)

In the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in 2009, previously called Detroit Auto Show, which takes place next month, the premium car manufacturer famous German, Mercedes-Benz, will introduce the public to study the concept car BlueZero. Despite there has been no release of the Mercedes-Benz, the German media, particularly on-line photo show is the car. According to them, the photographs provided by the people in the Mercedes-Benz itself.

Although the Mercedes-Benz his car BlueZero Concept, but German media had considered as a B-Class future generation. Autobild as one of Germany’s largest automotive media even call this a “B-Class New electric.”

Analysis is based on the dimensions and design of the car. In addition, the B-Class since the first was launched in 2005 have not changed the model. It is estimated, BlueZero will be the B-Class will be launched in 2010.

B-Class is Mercedes-Benz products in the category of compact MPV, which appear with the hatchback design. Dimension be measured slightly higher than the A-Class. Although less so popular, B-Class is also marketed by its ATPM in Indonesia, PT Indonesia Mercedes-Benz.

Three Variants
Further explained, BlueZero that will debut the Mercedes-Benz introduced in three variants.

First is BlueZero E-Cell, a car that rely on electricity as visitors. For this, Mercedes-Benz will use Lithium-ion battery and electric motor which is able to generate power 100kW (136 PS) and Torque 320Nm.

Although in terms of energy is very interesting, but exploring very limited power, only to 100 km, while to recharge batteries that can be used again, take two hours. With such capabilities, targeting the Mercedes car for those who need transportation around the city.

To further distance, or both variants, namely EREV (extended range electric vehicle). Rather, electric car that can be used for distance. Mercedes-Benz E-call BlueZero Cell Plus. This car uses a battery and electric motor with the same E-Cell, but equipped with a motor fuel, which functions as a generator to produce electricity.

With the two driving, the car can be used for a distance of 600 km. Motor fuel used 3-cylinder, gasoline-fueled, turbo-equipped and is now used in the Mercedes-Benz Smart.

The third variant is the F-Cell, vehicles with fuel cells that generate electricity from hydrogen. Mercedes car that is able to generate power 136 PS and 320 Nm Torque, equivalent to the capacity of 2.0 liter diesel engine. However, the interesting, the F-Cell will not cause emissions.

Subaru will present concept car in Detroit

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The rumors have been going around for a while that Toyota and Subaru are going to team up to build a small Celica-sized coupe. It seems this may actually come together next month at the Detroit Auto Show. While some manufacturers are pulling out of Detroit, Subaru may be using this show to unveil its version of the small sports car. It would be unlikely that Subaru would deviate from its current theme of offering all cars with all-wheel drive, so this one should follow suit. Plus, by (…)

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