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Renault Twingo

Renault Twingo
French car manufacturer, Renault appeared to be not desperate to pamper customers. They took one of the largest manufacturers of electronic equipment from Japan, Sony to work on a limited edition products (limited edition).

In this cooperation project, thrusting Renault Twingo and Sony working on the audio side. That the name of the vehicle and the Twingo Walkman Limited special for music lovers in the world, as quoted autoevolution.com, last weekend.

City car is getting a touch, especially from the entertainment features. Consisting mainly of Sony’s Bluetooth-MP3-CD radio is able to read music file formats in MP3, WMA, and AAC.

In addition, it is still equipped with the socket tool to interact with the phone jack sekligus store owner or reading an existing file. Including video files to be displayed on tv screen size 2.5 inches in the main console.

On the exterior, a little touch feels at some point. Among other dea bumper, rear lights, and of course the Walkman Limited Edition emblem of luxury can be proud.

Other features of the manual climate control, electric windows, electric exterior mirrors and foglamps. Limited Edition Walkman Twingo is still equipped gasoline-powered engine that bekapasitas dk 75 1.2 liter. While others, with a 1.5-liter diesel engine with tenagar 65 dk.

Parties Renault will produce only 2500 units of cars in France with five color options, namely Dyna Red metallic, pearlescent Black, Platine Grey, and Cajou. Estimated starting price of 10,850 euros (about Rp131, 7 million) per unit. Reservations have been opened since 7 April in several locations and will be distributed to several countries in Europe such as France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Portugal.


Mazda CX7 Crossover

Mazda CX7 Crossover

Mazda CX7 crossover to be embedded 4-cylinder diesel engines line up Turbocharger, 2.2 liter capacity, capable of spraying power by 170bhp, and torque reaching 295 lb-ft.

Still, this diesel engine was losing power when compared to the gasoline engine version. Best record, the distance from 0 to 100 km per hour, followed by time 11.3 seconds.

Compare this with the energy produced gasoline engine, with a capacity of 2.3 liter direct injection, which have the power to reach 260bhp and torque 280 lb-ft. So that 0 – 100 km per hour takes only 8.2 seconds.

Both engines offered in the way Europe is equipped with 6-speed manual gearbox which has a displacement ratio of a better and smoother and precise.

As reported by Road and Track, Monday (22/3/2010) if later there is a decision to offer a diesel in the U.S. CX7, Mazda officials said the next generation of diesel, called the Sky-D which will be marketed in the country’s uncle Sam.

A diesel engine is not only more efficient, but also more peaceful and more powerful than the 2.2 liter engine, as well as possible with the application of twin-clutch automatic gearbox and manual.

Peugeot RCZ

Peugeot RCZ
PSA Peugeot-Citroen, plans to expand its market share by trying to enter the premium segment. Meanwhile, Citroen’s first start by introducing DS3, which is the first model for the French manufacturer of luxury class. The Peugeot as his brother has announced that it will also develop a similar type called RCZ.

To bear the luxury sedan, the division established a separate Peugeot-Citroen as well as made-called “hors-Serie”. That is, this is a special division to make a car with limited production. Thus Autoevolution site launched, Wednesday (17/3/2010).

RCZ will enter a new line-up starting in June next Peugeot. The car had been on display at the Geneva Motor Show which recently took place. Sedan 2 +2 coupe model with height 1.36 meters dibanderol USD 280 million for the lowest model and USD 338 million for the most expensive type that also use the 2.0 L diesel engine

The variant with a 1.6 L gasoline engine turbocharger equipped with maximum power 156 HP and 240 Nm of torque. This car is more powerful than the version of the same machine. Strength with 200 HP and 255 Nm of torque as it languished in the engine room the MINI Cooper S.

The second model works planned hors-Serie appear next year, but in the form of 508 station wagon. This product will replace the type 407 and 607. In 2012, hors-back Serie third vehicle delivery. Although the existing design, the model is still a secret.

Best 10 Concept Car 2009

Best 10 Concept Car 2009
Even coming from the global financial crisis hit, the development of the world’s automotive technology continue to move forward. Vehicles in the form of the following concepts sophisticated technology flowing throughout 2009.

To recall, one of the world automotive sites, Worldcarfans, has set 10 best concept cars in 2009 (Best 10 Concept Car 2009). Assessment is not seen from the form and technology, but from the number of visitors who click. The result, the cars from Germany judged more aggressive.

10 concept cars :

1. BMW Vision EfficienctDynamic – 191,848 visitors
This car combines all the elements, ranging from power, performance, design, and technology combined with design chiselled body. Hybrid diesel engine 3 cylinder with two electric motors supplied from BMW M power. Acceleration 0-100 km / h in 4.8 seconds followed by consumption of 3.76 liters of fuel to travel 100 km on a single test in Europe.

2. VW Blue Sport – 129,127
Debut in Detroit, this car is the combination of high fuel economy with a sporty driving style. 2.0L engine equipped with powerful 180 hp TDI, Blue Sport able to penetrate time acceleration of 6.6 seconds for 0-100 km / h with a fuel consumption 4.3 liters per 100 km.

3. MINI Coupe – 119,888
Introduced at the Frankfurt Motor Show, MINI Coupe had lured the men with the figure as a vehicle berkonfigurasi aggressive sporty two-seater. So, very radical side profile, with the roof of aluminum.

4. Audi Sportback – 106,632
Introduced at the Detroit Auto Show ago, Sportback Concept is positioned as a variant of the A5 Coupe. Same with the BMW 5-Series GT, this coupe has a five-door and has 4 seats.

5. BMW 5-Series GT – 98,436
Special display in Munich and to the public at an exhibition in Geneva, this car combines elements of crossover, hatchback, and 4-door luxury coupe (similar to the Mercedes CLS) with only 4 seats.

6. Infiniti Essence – 90,509
Essence Infiniti is a luxury coupe sedan with two drive systems, the gasoline and hybrid. Powerful 600 hp engine. The focus of the design of this coupe sports car classic, but full of energy.

7. Corvette Stingray – 80,625
The only known American car through the Transformers movie, and also photographs taken clandestinely. Not to be produced, this car has a little extreme form, is the combination of features classic Corvette and 1963 models.

8. Audi Q5 Custom – 61,692
This is a concept that worked on modifications to the base house fitted Q5 Audi S4 engine supercharged 3.0L V6. Other changes, plus a foot wide and 90 mm 60 mm lowered suspension with four wheels wearing 21-inch alloy wheels. The brakes use a ceramic material.

9. Bugatti 16C Galibier – 56,841
Exclusively introduced after the September Frankfurt show, it looks more elegant and powerful as a sedan. Bugatti CEOP says Franz-Josef Paefgen. Perhaps, the claim was stated because only 8.0L W16 engine with power of 800 hp and 1000 hp. The Bugatti 16C second version will appear in 2013.

10. Subaru Legacy – 50,991
Just like America, only the Japanese representative 3.6L Boxer engine with four seats on the bench are the instrument panel with touch models. Legacy Concept-wheel drive system equipped with all-wheel drive.

Mitsubishi Crossover

Mitsubishi Motors. Co. (MMC), one of the largest automobile manufacturer in Japan’s new bullet ready to be a compact crossover. Multi-purpose vehicle combination vehicle (MPV) and sport utility vehicle (SUV) will be released to the market in February 2010 for domestic consumption. Are the global market, followed after Japan.

Crossover is the development of the Concept-CX which debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2007, as one bearing the brand of global projects three red rhombus with the platform mid-size sedan.

From the model, this crossover under Pajero Outlander or (outside U.S.). Leaks of information, carrying machine with 1800 cc diesel engine maximum power with 134 dk 280 Nm of torque. Transmission pack Twin Clutch SST, as has been applied to the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X. Wheel motion system all-wheel drive

MMC will exhibit a compact crossover at the Geneva motor show held in March 2010.

Crash Test Dummy . . . Me.

I had our long-term BMW 335d over the weekend, and on Saturday decided to take a longish drive out to explore a SoCal air museum. Along the way, I was marveling at the car’s twin-turbo, direct-injection diesel six, its 425 pound-feet of torque making highway passing and hill-climbing simply effortless—even under relatively hard acceleration, the automatic didn’t bother shifting any more once it reached sixth. It’s a magnificent powerplant, that diesel, and definitely the engine I’d choose if buying a regular 3-Series.

Anyway, just short of my destination, I was stopped at a red light, tinkering with the audio system and trying to find that song about the—

Ka-bam! Somebody had either just hit me in the back of the head with a baseball bat, or my driver’s seat had just exploded. For three or four seconds I was confused; the noise and the violence of the blow had temporarily short-circuited my neural system. When my brain rebooted, I looked up in the rear-view mirror. There was a VW Jetta, hood jackknifed upward. I’d been rear-ended. Hard.

In a state of shock and still dazed by the blast—that’s really what it felt like—I began a quick triage routine, first checking that all my bits and pieces were still intact, then observing my face in the mirror to see if I’d hit anything (apparently, I hadn’t). The BMW was still running, so as the Jetta driver eased around me and pulled over, I’ll pulled off the road behind him.

The driver’s door of the VW opened. Out climbed a teenaged kid, barefoot, in T-shirt and shorts, hands in the air. “Man, I didn’t even see you,” he said. “I had my head down.” Probably looking for your shoes, I thought.

The kid had driven right into the back of the BMW doing at least 30 mph. I never heard any tire squeal or other sign that he’d attempted to stop. Just the gentle thrum of the diesel engine one moment, then an explosion of sound and stars in my eyes. The 335d took the impact remarkably well; it was still drivable, and the rear glass was intact. It’ll need a new trunk lid and rear end, and possibly some supporting bits underneath, but it didn’t fold up like a chewing-gum wrapper. The kid’s Jetta, the lighter of the two, didn’t fare so well. The entire front end had stepped backward a few inches, the hood was folded, and the radiator was likely damaged. It still ran, though—at least enough to get the kid the half-mile back to his house.

Neither of us appeared to be hurt, though today, two days after the wreck, my back is sore and my neck is throbbing. (And, no, unless for some unexpected reason I begin experiencing a lot of additional pain, I have no plans to sue.) What I realized, though, was that the instant of the impact must be how it feels to die. You’ve taken a “dangerous” flight in a U.S. Navy Blue Angels F/A-18 Hornet only weeks before, and now you’re “safely” minding your own business at a stoplight, looking for a favorite song on the radio, when with no warning whatsoever there’s a huge bang! and the lights go out. Had it been a side impact, at only slightly higher speed, my lights could’ve gone out forever. As it was, I was damn lucky. Lucky, too, to be securely belted into a sturdy BMW.

Normally, I keep my head on a swivel even at stoplights; I watch the rearview mirror and mentally “stop” the driver behind me. More than once in my driving career, I’ve had to squirt forward at the last moment to avoid being rear-ended. This time my mind was on music and my coming visit with old airplanes. And, as I sat motionless in a cloud of false security and distraction, the odds caught up with me.

When operating moving machines, especially big and fast ones like cars and airplanes, inattentiveness simply isn’t allowable. The kid who hit me failed epically, as many young and/or stupid drivers do. He’s alive to drive again, though, and with luck he won’t be so careless from now on. I count myself fortunate, too. It won’t be so easy to get me to take my head off its swivel again.

Source : blogs.motortrend.com/6524695/editorial/crash-test-dummy-me/index.html

iMiEV run quiet

While in the rear wheel of this car, no different than a conventional car. Control equipment to run the same. Likewise, forms, namely at the wheel, brake pedal and akslerator (gas), hand brake, rod transferring tooth type “gate”, such as the automatic transmission version now, the contact-starter and the instrument panel.

After knowing the position of equipment control car, so the car can run, the next target is the search for the location of “key contacts”. Located in the steering, like a normal car. Enough with the operation of the play.

When the lock-in contact “on-going, the instrument display to show” O “(zero) on the speedometer. Indicators and the transmission and tripmeter also appear in digital impressions. Simple one. In the middle of the dashboard, on the monitor screen showing a map with the letter size description. “The original Japanese!”

Without Vibration
In a conventional car with the engine or motor fuel, when the key contact “on” or want to run, the vibration and sound of the engine is ready to sign the road! Now, in the car, such as electric iMiEV this, there is no vibration and roar. As a result, we are not sure the car is ready to run.

In fact, the iMiEV electric car is not my first try. In 1992, I have been trying to VW in the electricity Mondiale de Gen?ve or Geneva car exhibition. That time I felt that, while trying to run a car, not sure ready to run. Parties, no vibration and engine roar. The same repeated again in the iMiEV!

“This is ready to run,” ask me to Takayuki Yatabe sitting in the front passenger seat and who is responsible for technology in the electric car is Mitsubishi made.

Takayuki is still young, replied, “Yes. Ready to run! However, the electric motor is not working. “This means that the battery is not menggerahkan energy to the electric motor. Meanwhile, the gasoline or diesel engine, be sure that the energy is used to.

I tread brake pedal. Hand brake is revealed. Position rod transmitting all the “P”, movable immediately to the “D”. When transmitting my opeasikan that, Takayuki told me to step on brake pedal.
After akselerator pedal in the press, the car moving. There is no vibration, no roar of the engine. Quiet atmosphere. I try to use the brake, it can operate with the grip. Cars can be invited to glide smoothly.

Effect “Engine Brake”
Is a little different letters listed paa transmission. It turns out slightly different than a car with automatic transmission. In the iMiEV written “P, R, N, D, B and Eco.” This last letter is different. Takayuki explain it, its function as a brake or the additional security that is used when the car is in the transcript. While the “Eco” which is also applied on many cars now, assigned to economical energy or throttle relaxed.

However, that, when the car throttle position “D”, feels big enough labor. Akselerasin also responsive, especially at the start of the silence. For other conditions, because it can not dikebut a maximum, not much is known. Parties, each of journalists were given only 2 minutes to try in the supermini circuits.

Want to get experience as iMiEV up passengers only? Thank fast-Mitsubishi came to stand in the Arena Pekan Raya Jakarta in Indonesia-Japan Expo 2008 which lasted until 9 November this!



Iveco is an Italian truck, bus, and diesel engine manufacturer, based in Turin, Italy. It is a subsidiary of the Fiat Group, and produces around 200,000 commercial vehicles and 460,000 diesel engines annually, and for the year ended 2007 the company had ?11,196 million in sales (revenues).

The name is an acronym for Industrial Vehicle Corporation, an alliance among European commercial vehicle manufacturers such as Fiat (including OM and Lancia Veicoli Speciali), Unic and Magirus.

Today the company is a significant player in the medium-duty commercial vehicle and engine markets, and is near the top for sales of passenger transport and 3.5 ton light vehicles.

Iveco became the All Blacks’ global sponsor in January 2007.

Subsidiary of Fiat Group

1975 in Turin

Turin, Italy

Key people
Paolo Monferino CEO


Commercial vehicles, Diesel engines

? ? 11,196 million (2007)

26,461 (2007)