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Lexus GX 460

Lexus GX 460
After the announced cessation of production of the Lexus GX 460 last week due to media reports Consumer Reports in the United States (U.S.), Toyota Motor Corp. finally (TMC) in Japan announced it would call for improvement (recall) of the product from the market. Consumer Reports in the review did not recommend consumers to buy because the sport utility vehicle (SUV) is easily rolled out in emergency situations.

The manufacturer said it will repair damage to the vehicle stabilization systems software 13,000 units of these SUVs that have circulated. Of that total, 9400 units in the U.S. market while the rest scattered around the globe, among others, Russia, Oman, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Canada.

“Since we first heard the issue was outstanding, Lexus and dealers we are moving quickly to reduce the existing turmoil. Our network will personally contact the customer to fix their cars,” said Mark Templin, vice president and general manager, Lexus Group, as reported by Bloomberg, Tuesday (20.4.2010).

In addition, the manufacturer also plans manarik 21,000 units of the Land Cruiser Prado models specifically countries with the position of the steering wheel on the left. Some countries it is, Russia, France, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Sudi Arabia, and Kuwait.

Mieko Iwasaki Toyota spokesman said the manufacturer also stop production activities for this model at the Tahara plant, Japan starting today until 28 April.

Meanwhile, Toyota has promised to deploy his engineers to address the findings made by the parties mediaConsumer Reports. Testing will be conducted for the GX 460 and Land Cruiser Prado which uses the same control system stability.


Safety car technology more sophisticated

How do the various car manufacturers to reduce the accident that occurred on the road. One of them, adding a sophisticated tools that can warn drivers and to help control the race car with the vehicle time and other emergency situations.

(picture from visteon)
Not all new cars to use it. Only a few brands and that is limited to a particular model. In fact, if used on each vehicle, tragic accident because human negligence can be reduced.

Since many technology fad safety car manufacturer was created with the vendor and the safety of other research institutions, and then adopted, which have been selected 4 widely used at this time. That, still to be developed with features that better.
1. Browse control adaptive
Roaming control technology is not new anymore. Have been introduced in the early 1990s. But the current version is much more sophisticated and effective. If the version of ‘long’ Assigned only to maintain the pace car at a constant speed that has been determined, is now used to set the distance to the vehicle that is in front.
For this, the system is equipped with the latest sensors or radar can calculate the distance to the vehicle safely in the future. The system can Activate the gas pedal (prevent the gas pedal is pressed and continue to reduce speed) and Activate the brake.
This system is very useful when suddenly there in front of a moving vehicle lane or slowed. More sophisticated, if the system will take into account possible collision occurred, the brake is pressed, the security belt was activated.
Once, in front of no more hindrance or empty, the vehicle will be back on the speed roaming. All that is done without the driver’s command. More current version, can work with the traffic conditions in the traffic jams in the city. For this, according to TRW Automotive in developing this system, used a short distance radar screen with a wider scope. In this way, which allows the vehicle in front of it. Start, stop and acceleration can be done automatically or on command from the driver.
2. Reminder & Detection drivers’ Blind Spot ‘
This tool determines the speed and distance of vehicles that approach. So warn drivers that the danger can only happen when drivers change routes.
The system also warns drivers when the vehicle did not go well known because of the Drunken drivers doze. Warning issued in the form of vibrations through the seat, handlebar, and an alarm.
A more sophisticated system, or monitor the condition of the body postures, the position of the head and the activities of the way when the car is not known. If you are like this, the system will slow the pace and the vehicle stability control.
Reminder is another for the detection of objects that are not visible or can be seen by drivers, both at race time and parking. The system works when the light is turned on lamp. If the system detects something, lights in the rear view mirror will flash. Other indicators, seat and wheel vibrate or sound an alarm is issued. This system is only for a short distance.
3. Help Night Vision and Lighting Home adaptive
To help drivers see an object in the night while driving, the car is equipped with the vision or infra-red thermal camera using shadow-called ‘night vision assist.
This tool is used to see objects that are far in the future, such as animals, people or trees. It can work for 1 km straight condition.
Object or shadow a successful arrested, running through a screen in the cockpit. The system also highlights the object that is difficult viewed with naked eyes.
For the future, to use adaptive technology. In this way, attention will turn the direction of the vehicle (change the direction of attention when the car is in the curve). Long and high-beam lights can be changed according to the speed of a car.
System, the light beam in accordance with the conditions in the surrounding areas, for example, in the city of lights filled with light, outside the city’s many trees and so forth. In this way, extend or shorten the shaft to the front. Could also widen attention to the side of the curve when.
4. The tumble (Rollover Prevention)
Many car manufacturers now offer electronic stability control system called the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) or Electronic Stability Control (ESC)). Equipped with security systems that work early, take the seat belt and the roll-bar.
Technology intensity, can consider the possibility of a car upside down (for example, when the turn quickly). On conditions such as this, brake is activated, pressure on the gas pedal so that drivers reduced more easily control the vehicle.
Mercedes-Benz called Electronic Roll Mitigation, with the name Roll Stability Control Ford and GM with Proactive Roll Avoidance. Range Rover named Active Roll Mitigation and Volvo with Roll Over Protection System. All the same.
ESP current version, can automatically make adjustments in accordance with the size of work and type of tire used. Anticipating this is because more and more car owners to replace tires with the standard size is large.