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Nissan Build Design Center in China

Being the largest car market in the world, making China has become the principal motor of choice. Nissan, for example, in addition to building an assembly center also announced the development of design centers in the region Chao Yang, Beijing, China.

This step proves the seriousness of Nissan Investment Co Ltd, as a principal subsidiary in Japan for further work on the market these Panda Affairs. This studio will be inaugurated in the coming 2011 and became the first Japanese-owned manufacturers in China.

With 20 designers, a new studio Nissan will increase capacity, including improving the competitiveness of products in China and other Asia continued to experience growth in sales.

With the creation of design centers in China, the Nissan will work in synergy with headquarters in Japan, San Diego and California, United States, also in London (England). Nissan somewhat bold and pioneer in product development in China.

Nissan in China plans to invest U.S. $ 1.7 million to build the studio through local funds. This place would be the research center and production design car models for both local and global markets.