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Hellaflush Tips

Hellaflush Tips
Hellaflush is all about wheel offset and how low your car is to the ground.

if you want to overhaul the look of the car so you could join with fellow community Hellaflush, follow the steps below :

• whell unique. Find unique wheel size with an average width. Try with a small offset. Eg 16 x 8 to 20 mm offset. If you can wheel width, the better view.
• whell 3-piece. Construction of this alloy can be applied, but the outer lips more celong replaced or barrel replaced with a more broadly. For example, BBS RS series, OZ Futura, or Turbo OZ.
• unique tire size. When can alloy 16 x 7, for 165/45/16 tires. The risk, the tire tread so small. Alternatively, can use 19/45/16 or 195/40/16 tires. Although the fall is not too attractive, but the result is still pretty sight.
• Brand tires. Note the brand because each has the form of different sidewall. There is a strong character not to be drawn.
• Condition of wheels. This section must be good and nothing peyang at the hips so that wind can not get out.
• Select a suspension. Use suspension height can be arranged. Choice, there are adjustable suspension or air suspension.
• Cut each. This may be done, just not practical in a set altitude. Even so, cutting a given value of art and challenges when working.
• Fender. This section shall in-roll, even if only part of grinding bear creases because there should be no gap between the tire and fender.
• Camber kit. This is a suggestion that the tires could get into sepatbor. Another advantage, if the bumpy road, the tire will go deeper swing automatically.
• Test. Conduct road tests to get the right settings.
• Attrition. If there is little friction-friction, it is not unusual. What matters, note the fitment (offset, wide wheels, and tires).

Mitsubishi RVR as Concept cX

Mitsubishi RVR as Concept cX
Principal parties, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC), finally gives a name RVR for crossover vehicles. This is not a new name, but a continuation of the model of multi-purpose vehicle (MPV), produced in 1991 and 2002.

At that time, for the European market, Mitsubishi Space Runner name, while for the American market called Expo LRV and to Asia and Oceania still wear RVR. Chrysler when it also sells products under the name Colt Vista Playmouth.

Many changes in this concept car since 2 years ago introduced the name Concept CX. Striking changes appear on the grille and the air cavity designs that do not boxes, and large, but it was divided into two. So also with the fender, which is now reduced.

The back also got a touch. Appearance is no longer the box, but slightly curved like the Honda CR-V or Chevrolet Captiva.

In the engine room, this crossover using a capacity of 1.8L MIVEC engine gasoline. This vehicle has a length of 4.3 meters with a high aerodynamic.

In Japan itself, RVR will be introduced in the spring, while the introduction of globally implemented in North America, Europe, and Asia region, including China. There is also a test plan to be implemented in the near future.