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Aculeus “China Supercar”

Aculeus “China Supercar”
Beijing Auto Show pledged “estalase” for China’s producers. The models that appear to invite more people to comment that the designers and engineers of China made plagiarism. One of them is a supercar concept that was displayed by CH Beijing Auto origin.

According to China Car Times, the previous CH Auto has come up with this car in 2008 in the same arena with a Scorpio. Therefore, a glimpse of this car like the Ferrari 599 GTO-scorpion logo. This year, the car comes back with a better design and its name was changed to “Aculeus”.

Meanwhile, some automotive journalists from the United States has a different assessment. This car does look sexy, but it is considered as a cheap replica.

From the front, combining face Aculeus assessed Ferrari 599 GTO, BMW Z4, and Aston Martin. Nevertheless, the shape of the rear similar to the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren. Car design is a combination of a long nose and short deck. Same size with Maserati Gran Turismo and the BMW Z4.

Although the concept, CH Auto has equipped this supercar with a capacity of 4.8 liter V8 engine from the BMW-powered 367 PS, 490 Nm of torque, and weighs 1600 kg. This car was claimed to be able dikebut 0-100 km / h in 5.2 seconds and a top speed of 270 km / hr.


New Ferrari 599 GTO

New Ferrari 599 GTO

New Ferrari 599 GTO is a 12-cylinder car in the configuration V (V12), special limited edition, which is promised to be the fastest road car Ferrari made. Highway cars car developed from the experimental tracks, 599XX, cars for highway use, 599 GTO, could be encouraged to the maximum speed of 333 kilometers per hour. The car that weighs 1495 pounds it reached a speed of 100 kilometers per hour from the stop position in just 3.35 seconds.

Ferrari confident that the control (handling) the car was amazing and totally promised free car understeer (the car when cornering the rear wheels tend to slip out of the path that should be passed).

599 GTO will be equipped with carbon ceramic brakes latest, new aerodynamic innovations, such as special alloy wheels that improve aerodynamics and brake cooling. And, artificial SupersPort Michelin tires improve penapakan (traction) on the surface of the road. While the virtual race engineer (VRE) driver interface provides instant information about the performance of the car.

Photos, videos, and interviews about the car can be found in ferrari.com, but the world must wait until the Beijing Motor Show 2010, which will be held at the end of next April, to watch the 599 GTO from metal.