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APV SGX Luxury

Family Car of course identical with the carrying capacity, convenient, economical fuel, but do not forget the view.

That is the APV SGX Luxury. The look, particularly on the face, with the grill lines, fog lamp, ventilation and air under the plate number.

MPV 7-seater and captain seat in the middle cabin, was able to accommodate 9 passengers.

Each seat is equipped with headrest and armrest, it is enough to indulge passengers.

To assist in parking, the car is equipped with parking sensors, which automatically reads the back of the vehicle when approaching an object near another object.

Profile G15A engine 1500 cc 4-cylinder DOHC Multi Point Injection, is able to issue a power of 105 ps at 6000 rpm and 126 Nm torsi at 3000 rpm.

However, after 3000 rpm, engine power can bring the car run fast, so suitable for use when traveling long distance or in the toll road.

For fuel consumption, 1:14, means that 1 liter of gas to travel 14 KM. Taste it 1-liter gasoline for the distance 14 KM to make drivers do not need to worry.

APV SGX Luxury Rp 183.5 million for hi-types, named Luxury AT R17.