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Vios Facelift 2010

Vios Facelift 2010
New Vios or Vios Facelift was ready to come to Indonesia.

In the place of origin of these cars are assembled, Thailand, Vios new faces have been introduced on March 9 last. Now being exhibited at the Bangkok International Motor Show (BITEC), which lasted until 6 April.

Seeing new faces, some analysts caution Vios looks more cool and stylish. Change is not much done on the exterior and interior. Nevertheless, the changes were considered sufficient to give the impression gril luxury and sporty.

Gril new four-line models are now given a layer of chrome and gives the impression sporty and luxurious, and still accompanied with fog lights.

Side rearview mirror is still equipped with lights Sein. However, the new Vios looks more attractive with the new design 15-inch rims and 185/60R15 tires.

With equipment cabin design has not changed, except the steering wheel. Changes in color only on the center console or dashboard controls the audio and air conditioning installed. This section now appear with a darker color combination (middle) and silver on the outside.

Transmission rod coated with a skin now with audio buttons and change more significantly. While the multi-information display (MID) located in the center to inform the total mileage, fuel consumption, and average velocity. There’s also the AUX connection for MP3 players and iPods into the car entertainment system.

Machines still rely 1NZ-FE 1427 cc engine, with DOHC 16-valve technology, VVT-i. Because of that, the ability to produce power and torque are unchanged, ie 80 kW (109 PS) @ 6000 rpm and 141 rpm Nm@4.200. Active safety equipment is standard ABS, EBD.
Currently Vios is offered with 3 variants, with prices starting from USD 206,400,000 to USD 232,200,000.


Audi A6

Audi A6
Audi in Indonesia launched the latest variant of Audi, the Audi A6 in the Audi Center MT Haryono, Jakarta. This latest model Audi 3.0 TFSI engine and quattro is equipped with the technology. Machine technology allows the reduction of fuel consumption to 15 percent.

“Space-owned car cabin is spacious and elegant, beautiful interior organized, comfortable suspension and balanced and sporty machines at once efficient, launching Thursday, March 11, 2010.

Audi A6 with a 3.0 TFSI engine plus quattro technology is offered at a price of USD 953 million off the road and is available in six different colors, brilliant black, phantom black, quartz gray, blue night, ice silver, and white ibis. While the Audi A6 with a 2.0 TFSI engine is offered at a price of USD 690 million off the road with the same color.

Audi A6 design emphasis lies on a series of new accent by translating power Audi A6 character. Single-frame grille, bumper and fog lights changed appearance to strengthen Audi characters.

Design Audi A6 also supported by front and rear lights are equipped with LED Daytime Running Lights to produce optimal lighting.

Toyota Mark X

Toyota Mark X
Toyota Motor Corporation launched a special product for the Japanese, the Mark X with a new look. Mark X is different from the other Toyota sedans because it was designed with the concept of “sporty and luxurious” plus rear-wheel drive.

In Japan, the standard version of this car sold for 2.38 million yen or USD 237 million. The most expensive version with a capacity of 4 x 4 and the engine capacity of 3.5-liter V6 is sold at 3.8 million yen or USD 400 million. These include flat car for only 1435 mm high.

According to Toyota, this car is designed with the concept of “glam-tech” or glamorous and high technology.

Variant consists of the standard, sports, and premium. Besides the engine capacity of 3.5 liter V6, there is also the engine capacity of 2.5 liter V6. Motion system 4 x 2 rear wheel drive and 4 x 4. Toyota did not release details of this car’s engine capacity, good power, or torque.

Appearance or style of car is very interesting because it has a front bumper that is designed with a large size. Fog lights are positioned slightly inside. A total of three front lights arranged side by side. The same was done at the rear combination lamps.

Leather covered steering wheel to produce an ergonomic grip. The transmission bongol given layer of the skin to produce a sporty impression. View more complete with paddle shift that makes the driver does not have to bother lowering his hand if you want to feel the manual transmission.

Ability sprint car from 0 to 100 km / h only 8.4 seconds. Less responsive 2.5-liter, 3.5 liter especially!

Security Radar. The security system is included in this car is a pre-crash. This system works using millimeter wave radar. Radar detects collisions and warn the driver through a buzzer and impressions to be careful.

Additional safety systems are pre-crash brake assist system and the type of seat belt pre-crash brake system.

Type of adaptive front lights front-lightning system or AFS. As we turned the headlights of life, the beam changes in accordance with steering angle movement and speed of the car.

Other additional cruise control system (cruise) latest radar types. This system is equipped with a brake control function which detects and monitors the vehicle in front, and fixed distance according to the speed of vehicles in front of him.

There are also hill-start assist control that prevents the car back when the brake is released when the foot of the gas pedal shifts while on the ramp.

Other equipment, multi-information display with fuel consumption shows an average, mileage, and other data. All of this is shown through contrasting colors derived from organic electroluminescent display technology (EL).

AC Plasmacluster. Independent temperature controls for driver and passenger side is standard on all models. AC is also clean the dirt, dust, and purify the air in the cabin. AC is also equipped with Plasmacluster Ions technology to kill bacteria and create a comfortable cabin to keep the balance of positive and negative ions in the interior.

For ease of parking driver, Mark X is also equipped with a parking system aids the smart or intelligent parking assist system. The system works via an ultrasonic sensor mounted on the front of the car to detect the parking space.

Furthermore, the system will menbantu driver parked in parallel. The system will inform the driver to turn the wheel in one direction.