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The small-capacity engine turbocharger

Toyota Recalls Other SUV
Trends in the small-capacity engine turbocharger plus an application not only hit the mass-produced vehicle, but was touched to a sports arena in the world’s most prestigious automotive, Formula-1.

According to Spanish newspaper origin Barcelona, Deportivo El Mudo, the teams in F1 almost reached an agreement to approve a new machine which came into force in early 2013. The four-cylinder engine, equipped with 1.5-liter twin-turbo and petrol direct injection system plus KERS.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Ferrari, Amedo Felisa when interviewed by Autocar, the UK at the opening of the Beijing Motor Show last week saying, “If F1 must be developed again, the best solution is to use the engine with turbocharger and GDI (gasoline direct injection).” Currently, the machine F1 is used on the V8, 2.4 liter non-turbo.

Mercedes-Benz team boss, Norbert Haug when asked to comment about it just said “We will support!” He said the smaller-capacity engine will save fuel consumption and lower emissions.

Ford Mustang Diesel 2011

Ford Mustang Diesel 2011
Europe promotes environment-friendly diesel engines, forcing the American car manufacturer Ford to change its global strategy. Especially, for the European market they plan to bring small cars to Europe and this provision applies to the beberaga countries in the world.

More than that, Chevrolet also announced it will market the Camaro to market in the continent of Blue in 2011. Who’s new Ford Mustang to keep up with. As quoted autoevolution.com (7/4/2010).

This step, so clearly the problem and challenge for Ford. Despite injecting three new engines for the Mustang in 2011, making the car more power and better fuel efficiency than previous models. But the barriers are, in Europe apply the provisions of fuel consumption. Where to 305 HP V6 engine, with 1 liter of fuel must be a distance of 13 km.

If you want to achieve success in Europe, Ford diesel engine must be buried under the hood of the Mustang. Indeed, since its introduction in Europe, the Mustang does not include best-selling vehicle, but the market is not bored, too.

In discussions with the weekly Autoline After House, Dave Pericak Mustang as the Chief Engineer said that to bring diesel engines for European market through the Mustang as flexibility.

For the Mustang which is marketed in Europe, Ford devised berkapasitasa 3.0 L V6 engine which is equivalent to the Jaguar XF and xj. Power produced 270HP with 443 lb-ft of torque.

Vios Facelift 2010

Vios Facelift 2010
New Vios or Vios Facelift was ready to come to Indonesia.

In the place of origin of these cars are assembled, Thailand, Vios new faces have been introduced on March 9 last. Now being exhibited at the Bangkok International Motor Show (BITEC), which lasted until 6 April.

Seeing new faces, some analysts caution Vios looks more cool and stylish. Change is not much done on the exterior and interior. Nevertheless, the changes were considered sufficient to give the impression gril luxury and sporty.

Gril new four-line models are now given a layer of chrome and gives the impression sporty and luxurious, and still accompanied with fog lights.

Side rearview mirror is still equipped with lights Sein. However, the new Vios looks more attractive with the new design 15-inch rims and 185/60R15 tires.

With equipment cabin design has not changed, except the steering wheel. Changes in color only on the center console or dashboard controls the audio and air conditioning installed. This section now appear with a darker color combination (middle) and silver on the outside.

Transmission rod coated with a skin now with audio buttons and change more significantly. While the multi-information display (MID) located in the center to inform the total mileage, fuel consumption, and average velocity. There’s also the AUX connection for MP3 players and iPods into the car entertainment system.

Machines still rely 1NZ-FE 1427 cc engine, with DOHC 16-valve technology, VVT-i. Because of that, the ability to produce power and torque are unchanged, ie 80 kW (109 PS) @ 6000 rpm and 141 rpm Nm@4.200. Active safety equipment is standard ABS, EBD.
Currently Vios is offered with 3 variants, with prices starting from USD 206,400,000 to USD 232,200,000.

Nissan Navara ST-X Series 4

Nissan Navara ST-X Series 4
Nissan Australia (NA) introduced a pick-up double cab (D-Cab) Navara ST-X Series 4 for the market in the country, which increased steadily. NA management reports, as quoted autoevolution.com (24/3/2010).

In terms of appearance (exterior) no significant changes, except power turbo diesel engine capacity was increased to a 2.5 L 140 kW with 250 Nm of torque. Plus, safety features including ESP.

Still racing around the kitchen, the changes are also made on the direct injection system (direct injection system), which previously operated with a 1800 bar, now a 2000 bass. Including engine cylinder head design with parallel ports.

Combination of test results, utility vehicle with manual transmission version of the 6-level acceleration, fuel consumption reached 8.5 liters per 100 km. 1.3 liter means more efficient than before. The automatic transmission was a 5-speed to produce 9.0 liters per 100 km, is also more efficient than ever that consume 10 liters per 100 km. Added, CO2 emissions are also lower.

“With increasing energy, the rider can make smile Navara ST-X. Not only was I increased, but also inputs, especially fuel consumption. Also, reduced emissions,” said NA management that was read.

On the inside Navara ST-X was added as a new switchgear, lining doors, and seat fabric. Other features, standard ESP, brake assist, EDB, 17-inch rim, the main lights can be controlled, AWD mode selection, and 4-channel utili-track.

Audi A6

Audi A6
Audi in Indonesia launched the latest variant of Audi, the Audi A6 in the Audi Center MT Haryono, Jakarta. This latest model Audi 3.0 TFSI engine and quattro is equipped with the technology. Machine technology allows the reduction of fuel consumption to 15 percent.

“Space-owned car cabin is spacious and elegant, beautiful interior organized, comfortable suspension and balanced and sporty machines at once efficient, launching Thursday, March 11, 2010.

Audi A6 with a 3.0 TFSI engine plus quattro technology is offered at a price of USD 953 million off the road and is available in six different colors, brilliant black, phantom black, quartz gray, blue night, ice silver, and white ibis. While the Audi A6 with a 2.0 TFSI engine is offered at a price of USD 690 million off the road with the same color.

Audi A6 design emphasis lies on a series of new accent by translating power Audi A6 character. Single-frame grille, bumper and fog lights changed appearance to strengthen Audi characters.

Design Audi A6 also supported by front and rear lights are equipped with LED Daytime Running Lights to produce optimal lighting.

Superleggera Gallardo LP 570-4

Superleggera Gallardo LP 570-4

Lamborghini appearance as a super sports car continues to attract many people. Showing latest model currently on display at the Geneva Motor Show to 80, the Superleggera Gallardo LP 570-4.

This model is shown with a green plus black combination. Picture, the car more aggressive but more friendly to the environment!

As for weight, lighter thanks to the use of special carbon fiber. As a result, this Superleggera weighs only 1340 when empty, 70 pounds lighter than its predecessor. With the same conditions, Lambo fanfare, the ratio between the weight: 2.35 kg/1PS. Great!

2.4 Seconds
Supersport is claimed capable of doing 0-100 sprint in 2.4 seconds kpj. Want higher, 0-200 kpj, only 10.2 seconds. If you have the guts to test the maximum speed, 325 kpj.

Compared to the previous version of Lambo, emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), fell to 20.5 percent. All that, because of changes in weight machines and a more lightweight.

V10 engine, 5204 cc 570 PS produce 9419 kW) @ 8000 rpm with a torque of 540 rpm Nm@6.500. This is obtained thanks to the technology “Iniezione diretta Stratificata” or direct injection. Gasoline is sprayed directly into the engine with 100 bar pressure and compression 12.5: 1.

Not forgetting to explain that the machine installed lengthwise or longitudinal posteriopre (extra long LP) fuel consumption more efficient, 7.4 kpl.

Fiber Carbonate
Lambo Superleggera also claim to be top models from around SupersPort made.
More aerodynamic exterior redesign thanks to the bumper, the shape of the trapezoid body, the sharp nose and a V-shaped and LED lights for daytime.

There are also improvements in the pit and as the home difuser four tip exhaust. Superleggera uses a small rear spoiler. However, options are also offered with a larger size.

Superleggera body using carbon fiber developed specifically by “Automobili Lamborghini Advanced Composite Structures Laboratory (ACSL) at the University of Washington, Seattle, United States. This material is also used for aeronautical and astronotik up to Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft.

Car dimensions: length 4.39 m, 1.9 m wide and 1:17 m high, with glass side and rear of the polycarbonate. To show art techno Lambo, shown in closed machines using polikarobnat transparent.

E-gear transmission
Using the 6 speed manual transmission is called Lambo “automated e-gear”. Yes … teeth can be moved automatically or manually. For the manual, soft enough to pull a lever or paddle shifts mounted behind the wheel.

Provided two automatic modes. Model “Thrust” which allows direct bekerja@5.000 engine rpm without slipping on the wheels with motion system All-Wheel Drive (AWD).

Titanium bolts
All-black interior Superleggera, including joknya Alcantara leather. No less interesting is the 19-inch aluminum wheels are very light – down 13 pounds – was tied with titanium bolts.

For tires, used Pirelli P Zero Corsa Series is specially developed for the Gallardo, 235/35ZR19 front and 295/30ZR17 rear.

Superleggera is equipped with Electronically Stability Program (ESP). KALIPER front brakes with 8-piston and 4-piston rear with a diameter for 365 mm and 356 mm.

Also offered special options, the ceramic disc brakes with carbon fiber in front of the piston 7 with a diameter of 380 mm.

Nissan Fuga


Nissan Fuga
Fuga sedan officially launched at Nissan’s headquarters in Yokohama last weekend. After launching a competitor Toyota Camry sedan and Honda Accord, the fugue also will begin to be marketed in Europe under the name Infiniti M.

Fuga which first launched in October 2004 it received a new touch not only on the exterior but also targeting the interior, making it more stylish sedan.

For the engine, Nissan set up two versions, the V6 2.5-liter VQ25HR and the V6 3.7-liter VQ37VHR.

New exterior look of this fugue, which was a dynamic force with a low nose and fender design is reminiscent of the Infiniti models Essence concept. Strong impression and sangar also be seen from the wheel diameter is large enough.

If you want more sangar version, available more sporting models labeled 370GT Type S The difference with the regular version is the front bumper design and support aluminum alloy wheels measuring 20 inches .

From the interior, New fuga also got a touch of luxury such as high-quality leather and wood-lined bar. Not to mention the existence of sophisticated features for easy navigation, the CARWINGS HDD Navigation system with combined Built-in Digital Terrestrial TV tuner. Not only that, pemanja ear Nissan also provided for customers by adopting a Bose Surround Sound system.

Now turn to look into the hood. Beneath the hood is attached to the kitchen implanted 2.5-liter capacity that can generate power 165kW (225PS) at 6400rpm and torque of 258Nm at 4800rpm.

As for the kitchen implanted 3.7-liter capacity, features Nissan’s Variable Valve pinned Event and Lift (VVEL) system, and it can boost engine power up to 245kW (333PS) at 7000rpm, with torque of 363Nm at 5200rpm. And fun, the machine is supported by a 7 speed automatic transmission. So not only the energy distribution endless, but the matter of fuel consumption is also a consideration.

Well, if it is discharged view the New capabilities of this fugue, for those interested prepare pockets between 3,990,000 yen (29,850 euros) to 5,502,000 yen (41,165 euros).

Axon Automotive

Axon Automotive, a new company from the UK, introducing hybrid cars plug-in compact-sized hatchback. Unfortunately, this car dimensions are not specified. Only, explained that he could be boarded by two adults with room to taste the goods.

Characteristic of this hybrid car is a body made from recycled carbon fiber and lightweight, and the seat of the jeans that can be recycled.

With the combination of the aerodynamic body and light weight, fuel consumption in the mixed conditions (electrical and conventional engine) targeted 35 km / liter. The carbon dioxide emissions of 50 g / km.

Special small-capacity petrol engine, this car is also designed to use bioethanol. Capacity must not be explained. For the electric drive, a pair of motors will be used. “With the light weight and good aerodynamics, emissions will fall drastically,” said Dr Steve Cousins, Managing Director of Axon.

Hopefully, this car could be sold in 2011 and reproduced in full in 2012. The plan, cars assembled in a small company in the UK and mainland Europe, such as Spanish, French, Irish, Danish, and Dutch.

“As a hybrid plug-in, no mileage restrictions on cars. However, we will maximize the use of electrical energy. Way, using a small battery at lower prices, “said Steve Cousins.

APV SGX Luxury

Family Car of course identical with the carrying capacity, convenient, economical fuel, but do not forget the view.

That is the APV SGX Luxury. The look, particularly on the face, with the grill lines, fog lamp, ventilation and air under the plate number.

MPV 7-seater and captain seat in the middle cabin, was able to accommodate 9 passengers.

Each seat is equipped with headrest and armrest, it is enough to indulge passengers.

To assist in parking, the car is equipped with parking sensors, which automatically reads the back of the vehicle when approaching an object near another object.

Profile G15A engine 1500 cc 4-cylinder DOHC Multi Point Injection, is able to issue a power of 105 ps at 6000 rpm and 126 Nm torsi at 3000 rpm.

However, after 3000 rpm, engine power can bring the car run fast, so suitable for use when traveling long distance or in the toll road.

For fuel consumption, 1:14, means that 1 liter of gas to travel 14 KM. Taste it 1-liter gasoline for the distance 14 KM to make drivers do not need to worry.

APV SGX Luxury Rp 183.5 million for hi-types, named Luxury AT R17.