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Lamborghini Madura

Lamborghini Madura
Slavche Tanevsky, a student at the University of Munich, Germany, has created a future concept car, the Lamborghini Madura.

Using of Madura, Tanevsky refer to the name of the island in Indonesia. This island, according to Tanevsky, famous for its bull. For the Germans, naming a car is almost always associated with the might of the bull.

Actually, when in Indonesia, Madura is famous for cows strong. These cows are usually contested in the Arena Karapan Sapi.

This concept is working together Lamborghini and Audi. Lamborghini himself preparing all project materials. According to Tanevsky, this project is the first hybrid product Lamborghini scheduled out in 2016.

As hybrid cars are fuel efficient and environmentally friendly, does not make this Madurese Lamborghini unattractive. This car is designed with a futuristic framework and paint.

Although this design vaguely like the Reventón and the concept car Estoque, but Madura design slimmer, more focused, and more aggressive.

At the front, features more streamlined Madura on the headlights to make room for the air holes larger. Madurese also designed twisting that can lead more perfect wind.