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Modulo accessories package for the All New Odyssey

Modulo accessories package for the All New Odyssey
PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) MPV accessories are also imported from Japan’s Honda’s home modification, Modulo. HPM fact offered in packages.

When launching, it is also shown Odyssey-4 gene that has been modified by Modulo, especially the exterior. “In Japan there is also a version of Mugen, but are included in the new Indonesia Modulo,” said Jonfis Fandy, director of marketing and sales services HPM on the sidelines of the launch of All New Odyssey in Jakarta, yesterday.

For additional packages Modulo accessories, owner of All New Odyssey must spend an additional USD 34.9 million. With this package, a premium Honda MPV exterior look is becoming more and more sporty style thanks to the design of aero bumper (front / rear), fog lamps, side-skirts, rear spoiler, and footrests.

For the interior, done some touches to give the impression of luxury on the panels, doors, and speakers. For a separate package, the HPM provides 17 kinds of accessories, ranging from the smallest, emblems IDR 564 000 up to IDR 58 million for a new rim.


Toyota Prius is still Best Seller in Japan

Toyota Prius is still Best Seller in Japan
Although the issue of withdrawal and repair or recall of the Prius because of brake problems throughout the world incessantly, it was not made retroactive consumers. Evidently, the Japan Automobile Dealers Association (Jada) in March and then show, this hybrid car sales reached 35,546 units. This makes it a best-selling car in Japan.

Achievement was defended by the best-selling Prius for 11 consecutive months. With it all, this hybrid car sales in Japan for 12 months already reached 277,485 units. Total sales beat the previous best-selling car in Japan, Honda Fit or yiatu in Indonesia known as Jazz. Honda’s top product is sold 173,154 units during 12 months.

Because of the high consumer demand for Japanese of the Prius, the pivot of this car long enough, that is 6 months. Explained Similarly, Japanese consumers buy the high interest in the Prius is due to the existence of government incentives for the cars fuel economy. In this case, the Prius is not invincible!

HPM has exported 2600 units MPV

HPM has exported 2600 units MPV
Honda cars in Indonesia seemed to boost export performance. Until the first quarter of this year, PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) has exported 2600 units of multi-purpose vehicle (MPV), its flagship, Freed to Thailand with a total value reached Rp520 billion.

The rate was the prime export done since the acquisition on December 14, 2009. Jonfis Fandy as Director of Marketing and Sales Service HPM said, starting economic recovery in ASEAN countries to make export of ATPM continue to rise.

In fact, the HPM has continued to develop its export market to Malaysia and managed to get new orders. The plan, in April will begin to send 300 units to the State Freed neighbor.

Potential Freed exports so far this year could reach 5000-6000 units to four destination countries namely, Thailand, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, and Malaysia.

Meanwhile, efforts to optimize the impact on the export of factory to increase production activity since February. Additional overtime on weekends to be the main solution utilizing HPM after its employees working two shifts.

Honda All-New Odyssey

Honda All-New Odyssey
PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) is currently preparing the product that got missed in the last year, the All-New Odyssey in April of this past weekend.

HPM has pocketed two import permit from the Ministry of Industry, numbered 196/IATT/TPT/2/2010, 50 units in February this year and has made it into two units. Furthermore, with the number of import permits 507/IATT/TPT/4/2010 obtained 250 units and a new realization of two units.

HPM plans to officially launch a multi purpove vehicle (MPV) is a luxury mid-April 28, and worth about Rp600 million per unit. This news as well as rectify the issues that developed earlier, the launch is this coming May.

Odyssey’s fourth-generation 2.4-liter engine carries, CVT automatic transmission with torque converter. The launch was actually back in early 2009 a year because of economic recession! In Japan, the Odyssey-4 gene was first launched in Japan in October 2008!

Honda Odyssey Gen-4

Honda Odyssey Gen-4

Good news for fans of luxury MPV 7-passenger medium-Honda, the Odyssey. The fourth generation of Honda MPV will be launched in next May in Indonesia by his ATPM, PT Honda Prospect Motor.

Actually, Odyssey launch in Indonesia was a year delay. The reason, HPM has plans to market the latest version at the beginning of the year. However, because the recession engulfing the world and get swept Indonesia, HPM was postponed.

Now, with the economy getting better, selling cars these days continues to increase, Honda decided to get this middle MPV market. Machines used the same capacity Odyssey CR-V and 2.4-liter Honda Accord. As for transmission, automotive CVT with torque converter. During the 2009 Honda Odyssey does not sell at all, whereas in 2008 only 3 units.


Honda CR-Z, The Beautiful with Mugen

Honda CR-Z The Beautiful with Mugen
Hybrid car Honda CR-Z now appear more sporty with Mugen which installed a number of enhancements such as new design front grille, LED lights, and side skirt.

In addition, modifications seen in the air filter and a stylish system sport suspension. Consumers can also choose 17-inch wheel sporty design.

This car carried the 1.5L engine that produces maximum power 84 kW (114 ps) at 6000 rpm and maximum torque of 145 Nm at 4,800 rpm. Meanwhile, electric motors produce 10 kW (14 ps) at 1500 rpm and maximum torque of 78Nm at 1000 rpm.

Honda Insight and Civic won the International Achievement


Honda Insight and Civic won the International Achievement
Two variants of Honda Motor Co. Ltd. of international achievement in each of two different countries. Both cars are hybrid Honda Insight and Civic small sedan.

Honda Insight was selected as “Car of the Year 2009-2010” from the Japan Automotive Hall of Fame. Carrying i-VTEC engine 1.3L hybrid system, this vehicle offers several advantages such as value for money, technology supported IMA (Integrated Motor Assist), as well as environmentally friendly.

In Japan, the Insight sold 1.890 million yen, or about 200 million per unit. In addition, Insight also successfully won the title of “best selling” in Japan in April 2009.

“This award provides an opportunity to help preserve the environment by putting a hybrid vehicle with environmental performance and support affordable for many people,” said Takanobu Ito, president and CEO of Honda Motor Co. Ltd. world.honda.com quoted as saying.

Besides Insight, Honda’s other products is the Civic earned the title of ‘Most Reliable Car’ “in the UK from a survey conducted Fleet News. This survey of 50 companies involving a fleet of vehicles (fleet) the largest in the UK to provide an assessment of 840,000 cars. While in Indonesia, the City had won the title as The Best Small Sedan Auto build Award in 2009.

2009 Honda Element

2009 Honda Element

Ever spill a load of potato salad or baked beans on the way to the game? If you’d been driving a Honda Element, you could have easily wiped the whole mess out of its water- and scratch-resistant interior when you returned home. Contributing to the Element’s mobile party cred are a clamshell tailgate that provides extra seating and shade, a center console with removable cooler and flat-folding rear seats that let you lie down after a party that goes into overtime.


2009 Honda Ridgeline

2009 Honda Ridgeline

Before you can enjoy a good tailgate party, you have to get your stuff to the party. That’s when the Honda Ridgeline’s lockable, in-bed, beverage-friendly trunk comes in handy. And whatever doesn’t fit in the trunk can easily be stowed inside thanks to flip-up rear seats that reveal a flat load floor. Any doubts about the Ridgeline’s tailgating prowess are silenced by its actual tailgate, which swings out for easy access to the bed or flips down for impromptu seating.


Top 10 Cars for Tailgate Parties

Top 10 cars for tailgate parties
If the imminent change of season is making you itch for a football game and tailgating party, the folks at Kelley Blue Book’s kbb.com have picked 10 rides that best accommodate a great time. Their reasoning? “While any vehicle with enough room for chairs, tables and coolers will do in a pinch, today’s top tailgating rides go a step further with a variety of party-enhancing extras.”

#1 — 2010 GMC Acadia

#2 — 2009 Land Rover Range Rover Sport

# 3 — 2009 Mitsubishi Outlander

#4 — 2010 Kia Soul

#5 — 2009 Honda Ridgeline

#6 — 2009 Dodge Caravan

#7 — 2009 GMC Yukon Denali

#8 — 2009 Dodge Caliber

#9 — 2009 Honda Element

#10 — 2010 Ford F-150