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Honda Recall Acura TSX

Honda Recall Acura TSX
Honda announces recall to repair or recall of 167 000 Acura TSX in the United States market. Done because it involves the withdrawal age use power steering hoses shorter than necessary.

Problems found in the luxury sedan production in 2004 until 2008 with a 2.4-liter gasoline engine, four-cylinder. Acura parties, as reported by leftlinenews.com, last weekend, said that the hose can leak because the level of elasticity is reduced prematurely. Leakage can lead to smoke or even fire.

Until this news was revealed, the Acura claims found only one case of fires caused by these problems. Recall action will commence immediately, and notice to new customers will be held at the end of this May.


Gleagle IG Hybrid

Gleagle IG Hybrid
IG Geely or with the product name Gleagle IG criticized by China Car Times. “Small cars are only suitable for use in the city. However, the door that opens upward makes it difficult, even to nudge the car parked next to it. Doors can also hit the roof of the parking lot, “writes the media.

Surprisingly again, the media does not know exactly where the car was made. They estimate that only cars made in Lin Hai, Zhejian Province, not far from the headquarters of Geely, Hangzhou.

Interestingly enough, the hood of this small hybrid car is also fitted with solar panels. According to Geely, the panel used to charge the battery. As a source of prime mover, this car uses the engine capacity of 1.0 liters.

To couple power hybrids, electric motors, and batteries supplied in accordance with the desire and ability of consumers. “Costs flexible,” wrote Geely. This was done because Geely electrical and battery system that offers the lowest price of 10,000 yuan or USD 13.2 million.

“Consumers can choose different standards according to their needs, like buying a digital camera that uses a variety of memory cards,” added Geely in the site about this concept car sales.

He also explains, in particular for electrical components, there was a contradiction between the price of batteries and the distance. The further the distance that can be generated from battery-powered, large increases in size. The price is also so expensive.

IG is on display today has undergone a change from the prototype on display before. If previously only used three seats with the concept of a triangle, now, the car has two seats in front (including the driver) and two behind.

Explained all, the car is equipped with a large alternator and start & stop system. We stopped at the intersection waiting for the green light, the engine will die. Engine will live longer automatically once trodden on the accelerator. System used is the mild hybrid or a combination of series and parallel (the same used Prius).

Chevrolet Camaro Convertible

Chevrolet Camaro Convertible

Chevrolet Camaro Convertible released an official photograph in the latest social networking site Facebook (FB) recently.

Camaro Convertible glance looks almost identical to its coupe version. A number of design changes including brake lights, trunk-mounted antenna, and a key slot for the rear trunk.

Like the coupe, the Camaro Convertible is able to produce maximum power 312 hp (316 ps) for the variant 3.6-liter V6 engine, 400 hp (406 ps) for the version of the 6.2L V8 engine, and 6.2L V8 engine capable of generating power and 426 hp (432 ps) .

This car is scheduled to enter production early next year and the new can be sold April 2011.

Hyundai Sonata in Jakarta

Hyundai Sonata in Jakarta
PT Hyundai Mobil Indonesia (HMI), broadening its product sales for the commercial segment, the cab. After the Accent and Verna, now poured Hyundai Sonata. Throughout this year, car manufacturers will be able to target a total of 1,000 units sold.

HMI aiming for premium taxis in the area as farm capital. Items relied on, namely middle-Sonata sedan. Currently the vehicle is used in the Panorama Group is known for tourism businesses using the White Horse brand premium taxis.

Erwin added, it had no intention of marketing the Sonata to the general consumer but deliberately positioned into commercial products. This strategy was deliberately chosen in order to distance the company a negative impression of a cab car on the passenger vehicle brand in South Korea’s origin.

Sonata, marketed carrying capacity of 2.4-liter engine fuel. It cost around Rp278 million dibandrol per unit (off the road). ‘To you we do not need a taxi to pay Sales Tax (Sales Tax on Luxury Goods), to be more competitive. If normal, which should be borne PPnBM reached 60 percent,’ said Erwin.

Mazda CX7 Crossover

Mazda CX7 Crossover

Mazda CX7 crossover to be embedded 4-cylinder diesel engines line up Turbocharger, 2.2 liter capacity, capable of spraying power by 170bhp, and torque reaching 295 lb-ft.

Still, this diesel engine was losing power when compared to the gasoline engine version. Best record, the distance from 0 to 100 km per hour, followed by time 11.3 seconds.

Compare this with the energy produced gasoline engine, with a capacity of 2.3 liter direct injection, which have the power to reach 260bhp and torque 280 lb-ft. So that 0 – 100 km per hour takes only 8.2 seconds.

Both engines offered in the way Europe is equipped with 6-speed manual gearbox which has a displacement ratio of a better and smoother and precise.

As reported by Road and Track, Monday (22/3/2010) if later there is a decision to offer a diesel in the U.S. CX7, Mazda officials said the next generation of diesel, called the Sky-D which will be marketed in the country’s uncle Sam.

A diesel engine is not only more efficient, but also more peaceful and more powerful than the 2.2 liter engine, as well as possible with the application of twin-clutch automatic gearbox and manual.

Fernando Alonso Choose Maserati

Fernando Alonso Choose Maserati
Formula 1 driver Fernando Alonso from Spain currently has strengthened the team’s Ferrari. But that was only applicable in the circuit alone.

Because if the ordinary streets, Alonso was more choose to use artificial Maserati cars, not a sports car made by Ferrari which he now reinforces the F1 arena.

As reported by motorauthority, Tuesday (23/3/2010), Alonso selected Maserati is an ultra-stylish car Maserati GranTurismo Convertible 2010, which costs about U.S. $ 135,800.

A beautiful car universal Alonso was chosen because it looks exotic with a convertible top. To the outside or exterior Alonso chose gray.

While at the cabin, he combines two layers of skin that is soft colors and Bordeaux Pearl Beige covering almost every part of his brand-new Maserati interiors, ranging from the dashboard, door trim to the steering wheel.

However, although not of Ferrari, the engine is embedded in the bonnet Maserati GranTurismo Convertible Alonso proved property is still owned by the Horse Jingkrak.

For Maserati GranTurismo convertible is reinforced by a V8 engine Ferrari’s 4.7-liter is capable of spitting out power to 433 horsepower.

Nissan Eco Car

Nissan Eco Car
On 12 March, Nissan has started to produce the Eco-Car, the Nissan March, although the official launch of the new is coming on March 26, coinciding with the opening of the Bangkok International Motor Show 2010.

March or in India and Europe called the Micra, standard version with manual transmission 5-speed, white elephant in the country is sold at a price of Rp 106 million or 375,000 bath. While most luxurious version, bath, or 537,000 USD 155 million, CVT automatic transmission (only available in June).

From the dimensions, March or Micra less than Livina. March Group is a Toyota Yaris, Honda Jazz, Mazda2, Hyundai i20, Chevy Aveo, and soon to be followed Ford Fiesta. March machines used smaller (so called “Eco-Car”), 1.2-liter, 3 cylinder, DOHC, 12 valves.

With the smaller engine capacity, of course not the same ability to March with a small car over. If Nissan marketed in Indonesia, most nearby opponent is Suzuki Splash. Both use a 1.2 liter engine. The ability to produce engine power is almost the same.

Volvo S60 will coming soon

Volvo S60 will coming soon

Brand-new Volvo S60 sedan, the plan will be coming soon on the streets in Indonesia.

PT Indobuana Auto Raya which became the Volvo brand distributor in Indonesia have been intend to market this variant in Indonesia.

The plan, this luxury variant will be entered in the third quarter of 2010.

Volvo S60 engine carrying capacity of 2.0 liter and 1.6 liter.

Chevrolet Prime (limited edition)

Chevrolet Prime (limited edition)
In order to strengthen the existence of sales-support products Chevrolet (Chevy) Captiva in Indonesia, PT General Motors Autoworld Indonesia (Indonesia GM) launched a new variant. ATPM secretly Chevrolet cars in Indonesia that offers the sport utility vehicle (SUV), Chevrolet Prime limited edition.

GM Indonesia only provide 50 units of Prime for customers and has started to be booked in the nearest Chevy delaer.

The plan is sold at Rp340 million per unit on the road in Jakarta.

From the observation Kompas.com, there are some differences compared to the Prime offer conventional products. From the exterior, there is a new touch, among others, fog lamps with chrome decorations, sporting a sticker on both sides of the car, a new taillight design, and size 17-inch alloy wheels.

For the type of engine, GM’s choosing Indonesia 2.0-liter diesel and no change in the kitchen in terms of runway. Log into the interior, luxurious feel with a touch of suade material in the seat and door trim.

Prime is offered in two colors Black and Silver favorites. The reason, of all cars sold in Indonesia, dominated by the Black and Silver with the composition of each 35 percent, while the remaining contested by other colors.

Honda Odyssey Gen-4

Honda Odyssey Gen-4

Good news for fans of luxury MPV 7-passenger medium-Honda, the Odyssey. The fourth generation of Honda MPV will be launched in next May in Indonesia by his ATPM, PT Honda Prospect Motor.

Actually, Odyssey launch in Indonesia was a year delay. The reason, HPM has plans to market the latest version at the beginning of the year. However, because the recession engulfing the world and get swept Indonesia, HPM was postponed.

Now, with the economy getting better, selling cars these days continues to increase, Honda decided to get this middle MPV market. Machines used the same capacity Odyssey CR-V and 2.4-liter Honda Accord. As for transmission, automotive CVT with torque converter. During the 2009 Honda Odyssey does not sell at all, whereas in 2008 only 3 units.