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Mercedes-Benz E Klasse 6 Doors

Mercedes-Benz E Klasse 6 Doosr
German manufacturer Mercedes-Benz car modification firm in cooperation with Mercedes-Benz Binz make berbodi stretched sedan, named the Mercedes-Benz E Klasse Limousine.

Yes, this car was really long, with six door configurations. So now be 5.98 meters in length, which means 1.11 meters longer than the standard version of the E Klasse.

This is easy to be done by Binz, who was expert to modify the cars special services such as ambulances, hearses or the fire department. So, now the car has two additional seats and two doors, with a seven passenger haulage.

Addition of two doors, it must provide easy access for the passengers. Only, need to think more to make the chassis so that the framework re-
remain rigid, because with the addition of doors, the middle support poles should be shifted.

E-Klasse Limousine will also be available with different levels of armoring and features to ensure the safety and comfort of an adequate standard. Includes wall
baffle, driver and passenger compartment wrapped in leather.

Consumers also can choose from three seating options, namely six passenger door where the second row facing the driver, Vis-a-Vis Limousine, thus
The second and third row passengers facing each other, and limousine or Individual
without second-row seats.

As reported by Autoevolution, Tuesday (05/04/2010) luxury limousines will be offered with two petrol engines BlueEfficiency CGI E 350 and E 500 and E250 BlueEfficiency and diesel engines.

All versions have a maximum speed is limited electronically to 210 km per hour on, the notes are not bad for a car weighing 2100 kg is.


New Ferrari 599 GTO

New Ferrari 599 GTO

New Ferrari 599 GTO is a 12-cylinder car in the configuration V (V12), special limited edition, which is promised to be the fastest road car Ferrari made. Highway cars car developed from the experimental tracks, 599XX, cars for highway use, 599 GTO, could be encouraged to the maximum speed of 333 kilometers per hour. The car that weighs 1495 pounds it reached a speed of 100 kilometers per hour from the stop position in just 3.35 seconds.

Ferrari confident that the control (handling) the car was amazing and totally promised free car understeer (the car when cornering the rear wheels tend to slip out of the path that should be passed).

599 GTO will be equipped with carbon ceramic brakes latest, new aerodynamic innovations, such as special alloy wheels that improve aerodynamics and brake cooling. And, artificial SupersPort Michelin tires improve penapakan (traction) on the surface of the road. While the virtual race engineer (VRE) driver interface provides instant information about the performance of the car.

Photos, videos, and interviews about the car can be found in ferrari.com, but the world must wait until the Beijing Motor Show 2010, which will be held at the end of next April, to watch the 599 GTO from metal.

Superleggera Gallardo LP 570-4

Superleggera Gallardo LP 570-4

Lamborghini appearance as a super sports car continues to attract many people. Showing latest model currently on display at the Geneva Motor Show to 80, the Superleggera Gallardo LP 570-4.

This model is shown with a green plus black combination. Picture, the car more aggressive but more friendly to the environment!

As for weight, lighter thanks to the use of special carbon fiber. As a result, this Superleggera weighs only 1340 when empty, 70 pounds lighter than its predecessor. With the same conditions, Lambo fanfare, the ratio between the weight: 2.35 kg/1PS. Great!

2.4 Seconds
Supersport is claimed capable of doing 0-100 sprint in 2.4 seconds kpj. Want higher, 0-200 kpj, only 10.2 seconds. If you have the guts to test the maximum speed, 325 kpj.

Compared to the previous version of Lambo, emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), fell to 20.5 percent. All that, because of changes in weight machines and a more lightweight.

V10 engine, 5204 cc 570 PS produce 9419 kW) @ 8000 rpm with a torque of 540 rpm Nm@6.500. This is obtained thanks to the technology “Iniezione diretta Stratificata” or direct injection. Gasoline is sprayed directly into the engine with 100 bar pressure and compression 12.5: 1.

Not forgetting to explain that the machine installed lengthwise or longitudinal posteriopre (extra long LP) fuel consumption more efficient, 7.4 kpl.

Fiber Carbonate
Lambo Superleggera also claim to be top models from around SupersPort made.
More aerodynamic exterior redesign thanks to the bumper, the shape of the trapezoid body, the sharp nose and a V-shaped and LED lights for daytime.

There are also improvements in the pit and as the home difuser four tip exhaust. Superleggera uses a small rear spoiler. However, options are also offered with a larger size.

Superleggera body using carbon fiber developed specifically by “Automobili Lamborghini Advanced Composite Structures Laboratory (ACSL) at the University of Washington, Seattle, United States. This material is also used for aeronautical and astronotik up to Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft.

Car dimensions: length 4.39 m, 1.9 m wide and 1:17 m high, with glass side and rear of the polycarbonate. To show art techno Lambo, shown in closed machines using polikarobnat transparent.

E-gear transmission
Using the 6 speed manual transmission is called Lambo “automated e-gear”. Yes … teeth can be moved automatically or manually. For the manual, soft enough to pull a lever or paddle shifts mounted behind the wheel.

Provided two automatic modes. Model “Thrust” which allows direct bekerja@5.000 engine rpm without slipping on the wheels with motion system All-Wheel Drive (AWD).

Titanium bolts
All-black interior Superleggera, including joknya Alcantara leather. No less interesting is the 19-inch aluminum wheels are very light – down 13 pounds – was tied with titanium bolts.

For tires, used Pirelli P Zero Corsa Series is specially developed for the Gallardo, 235/35ZR19 front and 295/30ZR17 rear.

Superleggera is equipped with Electronically Stability Program (ESP). KALIPER front brakes with 8-piston and 4-piston rear with a diameter for 365 mm and 356 mm.

Also offered special options, the ceramic disc brakes with carbon fiber in front of the piston 7 with a diameter of 380 mm.

Dacia Sandero and the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport

Dacia Sandero and the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport

Dacia Sandero and the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport. Both cars are biting at the Geneva Motor Show. The one sold as the cheapest car in Geneva Motor Show, the other most expensive car Geneva Motor Show.

Dacia Sandero, a 5-door hatchback produced jointly by the French manufacturer Renault and its subsidiary Dacia of Romania, which has the lowest price range is 7000 euros (USD 80 million) for the Sandero LPG.

While other variants, such as the Sandero St. Pauli special edition, 1.2-liter engine dibanderol Euro 9900. Black Line Sandero Euro 9600 (USD 120 million), and Logan MCV Black Line 13,350 euros (USD 162 million).

While the Dacia Sandero dibanderol started Kiss FM until 9400 euro 11,300 euro (USD 141 million), with various options such as exterior features stickers, ABS, AFU, air conditioning, onboard computer, electric windows, 15 inch pelk, and hydraulic steering.

There are several options for engines Dacia Sandero, which is 1.0 liters of gasoline and ethanol, 1.2 liters of gasoline, 1.4 liter LPG gas, 1.5 liter I4 Diesel and 1.6 petrol and ethanol.

Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport, which dibanderol fantastic price USD 19 billion! Bugatti Grand Sport Cabriolet regarded as the most expensive and most rapid in the world.

The engine capacity of 7993 cc 64 valve turbocharged Quad capable of providing power of 987 bhp. With so Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport can run 0-100 km per hour is only 2.7 seconds, with a maximum speed of 400 km per hour!

Audi e-tron Car

Audi e-tron Car
German car manufacturers four rings logo, Audi, a new surprise with the introduction of another version of electric sports variant, e-Tron in the carpet
2010 Detroit Auto Show or the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS).

When e-Tron previous version on display at the Frankfurt Auto Show September 2009 and makes us think of the Audi R8, then with 27 cm shorter, and the reduced width of 12 cm, the latest version of e-Tron is reminiscent of the Audi R4.

Reporting from Worldcarfans, Wednesday (13/11/2010), two electric motors drive the front axle and rear. Together they can generate power of 204 hp and reaches peak torque of 2650 Nm.

Thus, car-called ‘baby R8’ this could run from 0 – 100 km per hour in 5.9 seconds, with a limited maximum speed to 200 km per hour.

To be invited to speeding, Lithium-ion batteries that are used can be recharged about 11 hours from a household electrical socket, when completely empty, or just two hours from the 400 volt power source.

The e-tron has no transmission, only two reduction gears (1:6 ratio in front and 1:7 ratio in rear, owing to the larger wheels on the rear). The gearing is why the car has a nominal horsepower of 313 hp but on-paper torque of 3,319 pound-feet. Obviously, you can’t unleash that kind of twist all at once or the car would rip its own axles apart. With about 550 pound-feet of torque doled out by the computers, the car’s 0-62 mph pace is 4.8 seconds. Top speed is e-limited to 155 mph.

Ford Focus RS 2009

Even more storm difficulties at the funds, launching the Ford Focus RS 2009. Interestingly, Ford produced a few months after the concept was first displayed at the British Motor Show.

From the point of view, hatchback car has some differences with the previous generation Focus. Looks more sporty exterior gril colour with black and underneath the big air cavity.

On the back, wing adopted from the rally car, only smaller size. Sure, there are at the bottom of the diffuser the left and right ends of mind muffler. A view supported by the more gallant fourth wheel rim using 19 inches.

Meanwhile, interior, the effect of sport sedan is very thick front seats with the second semi-backet from Recaro, plus the panel in the dashboard of carbon fiber and aluminum rod drive.

How do the engine ? Ford Focus RS this motorized 5-cylinder 2500 cc terbocharged equipped and have maximum energy 296 dk. From the results of the tests, the maximum speed can reach 257 km / hour. And for acceleration from 0 to 100 km / hour applied only 5.9 seconds.

Shows a sports car, the Focus is also slid limited-differential, sport suspension and given the braking devices are qualified, considering the energy of the car.

For the UK, 2009 Focus RS has received orders of around 1,500 units and a unit price of around Rp 400 million (25,000 pound with the exchange rate of Rp 16,000).

picture from AUTOEXPRESS.CO.UK

Mercedes-Benz McLaren cars

McLaren cars

A silver SLR McLaren on display at the 2006 European Motor Show in Brussels.

Mercedes-Benz has also produced a supercar with McLaren Cars, an extension of the collaboration by which Mercedes engines are used by the Team McLaren-Mercedes Formula One racing team, which is part owned by Mercedes. The 2003 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren has a carbon fiber/fibre body with a 5.5l V8 supercharged engine. This is the same block as featured in SL55 AMG and the CLS55 AMG, though modified to give 460?kW (630?PS/620?hp) and 780?N?m (575?ft?lb) of torque. The SLR has a maximum speed of 334?kilometres per hour (208?mph) and costs approximately US$500,000. Due to european pedestrian-protection regulations, Mclaren has decided to cease production of the SLR in 2009.

The most recent new joint-venture model, expected to reach production, is the mid-engine P8 supercar. Based around a unique carbon fiber/fibre monocoque, manufactured by McLaren, the P8 was originally predicted to receive the new naturally aspirated 6.3L V8 from Mercedes-AMG, but insiders now say that the engine will be modified for the car and will probably be twin- turbocharged to produce in excess of 600?bhp (450?kW). The car is still in development, but likely to reach production to go on sale in early 2008, and have a price tag less than that of the SLR.