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VW Beetle stopped

VW Beetle stopped
Manufacturers in Germany announced a halt of production New Beetle, with the hope of showing the next generation when the Los Angeles Motor Show in November.

As quoted autoevolution (03/05/2010), the VW in order to quickly convey to the consumer if they want to have a Beetle hatchback or a kabriolet, before sold out. “Consumers can still buy a model New Beetle at the dealership, as long as stocks are still there,” says VW Group Australia is quoted by goauto.com.

There are leaks from Volkswagen Group of America CEO Stefan Jacoby that the new generation New Beetle will be launched in 2012. Manufacturers in Germany had been submitted late last year.

Based on information from Autoweek, the new Beetle will be using engines 2.0 L four-cylinder and for the U.S. market using a 2.5 L five-cylinder, as well as with the 1.4 L hybrid.

Platform, reportedly similar to those used in New Jetta sedan will be introduced this summer.


Mazda CX7 Crossover

Mazda CX7 Crossover

Mazda CX7 crossover to be embedded 4-cylinder diesel engines line up Turbocharger, 2.2 liter capacity, capable of spraying power by 170bhp, and torque reaching 295 lb-ft.

Still, this diesel engine was losing power when compared to the gasoline engine version. Best record, the distance from 0 to 100 km per hour, followed by time 11.3 seconds.

Compare this with the energy produced gasoline engine, with a capacity of 2.3 liter direct injection, which have the power to reach 260bhp and torque 280 lb-ft. So that 0 – 100 km per hour takes only 8.2 seconds.

Both engines offered in the way Europe is equipped with 6-speed manual gearbox which has a displacement ratio of a better and smoother and precise.

As reported by Road and Track, Monday (22/3/2010) if later there is a decision to offer a diesel in the U.S. CX7, Mazda officials said the next generation of diesel, called the Sky-D which will be marketed in the country’s uncle Sam.

A diesel engine is not only more efficient, but also more peaceful and more powerful than the 2.2 liter engine, as well as possible with the application of twin-clutch automatic gearbox and manual.