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Volvo Electric Car Candidate Appears in Indianapolis

Volvo Electric Car Candidate Appears in Indianapolis
A sketch of the car sticking out when Volvo made a presentation with the theme “Future Electric Cars Volvo” in the event which was held manufacturer of lithium-ion battery EnerDel in Indianapolis, recently. C30 base car with two power design is quite prominent.

When the image shows EnerDel, hatchback is equipped with six bolt rim. So, the back of a rigid design is unique because both the curved and united as a tiny wings.

Volvo’s spokesman, Dan Johnston, who dodged that the sketch looked a C30 precursor form of electricity. “That’s just the usual image of designer friends in Sweden who were not serious. We do not have an electric car that looks too ‘electric car’. It will not be like the Prius, there will be a continuation of our design language on Volvo C30,” says Johnston , as quoted insidelanenews.com, last week.


Maybach Models



1919 Maybach W1: Test car based on a Mercedes chassis
1921 Maybach W3: First Maybach, shown at Berlin Motor Show. Featured a 70?hp (52?kW) 5.7L inline six.

1926 Maybach W5: 7L inline six, 120?hp (89?kW)
1929 Maybach 12: V12 precursor to DS7/8
1930 Maybach DSH: Doppel-Sechs-Halbe (“half a twelve cylinder”) 1930-37
1930 Maybach DS7 Zeppelin: 7L V12, 150?hp (112?kW)
1931 Maybach W6: Same engine as W5, longer wheelbase. 1931-33
1931 Maybach DS8 Zeppelin: 8L V12, 200?hp (150?kW)
1934 Maybach W6 DSG: Featuring a twin overdrive transmission system.
1935 Maybach SW35: 3.5L 140?hp (104?kW) I6
1936 Maybach SW38: 3.8L 140?hp (104?kW) I6
1939 Maybach SW42: 4.2L 140?hp (104?kW) I6
1945 Maybach JW61: 3.8L 145?hp (108?kW) I6

W2 were the 5.7L inline six engines built for and ordered by Spyker. Not all were purchased, and Karl had to build cars featuring the engines to offset costs.

Around 1800 Maybachs were built before WW2. CHITHRA


Maybach Exelero at the Concours d’Elegance

2002 Maybach 57 and 62
2005 Maybach Exelero (prototype shown at the IAA in Frankfurt)
2005 Maybach 57S (the S standing for Special rather than Sport)
2006 Maybach 62S
2007 Maybach 62 Landaulet (prototype)