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Mazda Axela Sport Style 1,5 S

Mazda Axela Sport Style 1,5 S
Mazda launches special edition Mazda3 products. In the country of origin, this hatchback vehicle called the Axela Sport and already sold in some specific dealer.

Various interesting features offered by the pro-friendly environment, safety, and comfort. Price, between 1.7 -1.8 million yen (USD 178.7 million) on the road in Japan, as quoted autoevolution.com (24/3/2010).

Mazda Axela Sport Style 1.5 S was developed from the previous product, Axela Sport. For more refreshed appearance, the exterior of the car equipped with alloy wheels measure 15 or 16 inhi, side skirt, rear lights with new LED configuration, and a touch of dark color in some parts of the car as the rear door, rear window panels, and rear glass.

For the version that uses 16-inch alloy wheels displays luxury-class interior, such as leather steering wheel and touch screen measuring 4.1 inches for information and entertainment center. This LCD panel displays audio information, the temperature of air conditioners, and other systems.

Previously, still in order to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the manufacturer, Mazda has also launched similar products with names and Mazda Axela Mazda Biante with superior features, i-stops that can save fuel. For Mazda Axela anniversary version-90, offered in a choice of color Gunmetal Blue Mica, and dibandrol began 1,8-2,1 million yen (approximately USD 208.5 million) per unit.


Honda CR-Z, The Beautiful with Mugen

Honda CR-Z The Beautiful with Mugen
Hybrid car Honda CR-Z now appear more sporty with Mugen which installed a number of enhancements such as new design front grille, LED lights, and side skirt.

In addition, modifications seen in the air filter and a stylish system sport suspension. Consumers can also choose 17-inch wheel sporty design.

This car carried the 1.5L engine that produces maximum power 84 kW (114 ps) at 6000 rpm and maximum torque of 145 Nm at 4,800 rpm. Meanwhile, electric motors produce 10 kW (14 ps) at 1500 rpm and maximum torque of 78Nm at 1000 rpm.

Toyota Corolla Altis 2.0

Toyota Corolla Altis 2.0

Toyota Corolla Generation to G-10 type is called a new facelift. For, no change in light of the previous model as the highest variants, that is the Corolla Altis 1.8 V.

From the exterior, the design of gril is more sporty, hive model. Then, on the front bumper and there is spoiler at back, the addition of side skirt, and wings ducks (rear spoiler).

The new generation engine GTi
Altis 2.0 V take something new. there are new things in five sections.

Altis 2.0. 3ZR-FE engine with 1897 cc is equipped with Dual VVT-i (Variable Valve Timing-intelligent). The technology produce a high performance engine, without reducing the efficiency of fuel and still produce a clean emission.

Altis 2.0 is 152 in 5600 dk torsi rpm and 21.2 kgm at 4400 rpm.

Luxury elements, such as smart entry & start system, auto rain sensor, HID with manual leveling, and so automatic wiper rain. Unless the design of the handlebar crossbar four models in 3 spoke leather equipped with Audio & MID switch and cruise control buttons.

Price Rp 372,500,000

Nissan 350Z and Titanium

From the designs, reflecting a Nissan 350Z sports sedan. No one indeed, the engine just above the standard 200 dk. However, after the modified spend around Rp 130 million, engine power terdongkrak a 310 dk. and the owner (his name is called reluctant) has reached a top speed of 260 km / hour.

Modifications made include, from the body, exhaust system and Intake pipe. All ordered from Japan and have to wait long. It is not all ready and some of the stock component is a special order.

If viewed from the display, changes in the body is not significant. Only on the front and rear bumper, side Skirt, and CF Lips front of all the fish pocket Rp45 million. Owners deliberately choose not wide body, but materialnya single class. That has not been installed in 2005 car production, namely, the bonnet of the carbon fiber wing and GT.

To push up energy, ordered a camshaft product specifications that Tomei Valve to be able to open up to 264 degrees. Replacement camshaft followed by Valve spring retainer and a piston, which recommended using forged material.

Well with the change? Yet! Exhaust system (consisting of the header, the test pipe, Y-pipe, and the extra exhaust) on cardboard Power House Amuse, made of titanium. So, three-cylinder in the left and 3-cylinder on the right are incorporated into the test pipe and the Y-pipe is connected to 2 drum exhaust muffler has a double edge.

To protect the test and Y-pipe from titanium, the bottom closed with 3 mm thick aluminum designed to dent. It is important to get the aerodynamics.

The use of titanium material, according to the owner can reduce very significantly. the engine is up about 80 dk dk 310 to be on the wheel. Torque, which was achieved in the 4000-4500 rpm, now more quickly become 2,500 rpm.

Foot-feet also get a touch. Owners to choose the products Tein coilover equipped with features Electronic proximity Force Controller (EDFC). This component can be electronically set the level of violence of Receiver through suspension placed under the wheel.

Others, use Velg Volk Racing TE37 series also imported from Japan. Touch the more condensed sport seats with the second model replaced the semi-backet seat of the Bride.