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Lexus GX 460

Lexus GX 460
After the announced cessation of production of the Lexus GX 460 last week due to media reports Consumer Reports in the United States (U.S.), Toyota Motor Corp. finally (TMC) in Japan announced it would call for improvement (recall) of the product from the market. Consumer Reports in the review did not recommend consumers to buy because the sport utility vehicle (SUV) is easily rolled out in emergency situations.

The manufacturer said it will repair damage to the vehicle stabilization systems software 13,000 units of these SUVs that have circulated. Of that total, 9400 units in the U.S. market while the rest scattered around the globe, among others, Russia, Oman, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Canada.

“Since we first heard the issue was outstanding, Lexus and dealers we are moving quickly to reduce the existing turmoil. Our network will personally contact the customer to fix their cars,” said Mark Templin, vice president and general manager, Lexus Group, as reported by Bloomberg, Tuesday (20.4.2010).

In addition, the manufacturer also plans manarik 21,000 units of the Land Cruiser Prado models specifically countries with the position of the steering wheel on the left. Some countries it is, Russia, France, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Sudi Arabia, and Kuwait.

Mieko Iwasaki Toyota spokesman said the manufacturer also stop production activities for this model at the Tahara plant, Japan starting today until 28 April.

Meanwhile, Toyota has promised to deploy his engineers to address the findings made by the parties mediaConsumer Reports. Testing will be conducted for the GX 460 and Land Cruiser Prado which uses the same control system stability.

Lexus GX 460 Paused

Lexus GX 460 Paused

The report from Consumer Reports magazine that warned consumers not to buy American automotive Lexus GX460 for the sake of safety, Toyota troublesome enough. Japan’s largest car manufacturer, Toyota Motor Corp.. (TMC) recently announced it will conduct tests of all models of sport utility vehicle (SUV). Within hours, came back a new policy.

Starting on Friday (16/4/2010), delaying production of the Lexus GX 460 is made in Tahara, Japan. The duration of the delay stipulated 12 days, following the ban on street sales that began this week. This information from Toyota’s headquarters, as quoted AP (16/4/2010).

Of the incident, Toyota also has decided to seven-passenger SUV merecall a sturdy and strong, just not marketed in North America. Also that in the Middle East, Russia and other countries.

Reaction from TMC so quickly is a promise or agreement with the affairs of Toyota’s safety. “I think Toyota has been very quick to respond to safety-related products,” said Rebecca Lindland, automotive analysis of-IHS Global Insight.

Lexus GX460 newly launched late last December, has sold 4787 units in the U.S.. The amount is carrying 10 percent of total sales for all Lexus models this year and only 1 percent of all Toyota products sold in America until the 1st quarter of 2010.

Toyota and Subaru coupled, Making Electrical Cars

TOKYO, SUNDAY – Despite the economic crisis has not ended, Toyota Motor Corp. can not cancel a number of projects that have been programmed. As the development of electric vehicles, the largest car manufacturer in Japan that together with Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI).
Fuji Heavy is known as the manufacturer of Subaru cars. They already have plans to sell electric cars next year at least 100 units. Mid-next decade, FHI has been hoping to sell bulk products. Meanwhile, Toyota will be a new market in 2010.

FHI electric vehicle prototype that is now using lithium batteries up joint venture company Nissan Motor Co. and NEC Corp..
Meanwhile, Toyota will be with Panasonic Corp. for propulsion. Toyota already infuse money of 16.5 percent, or Rp 2.9 trillion in FHI. Previously, the manufacturer will replace the leaders of next year that the funds already spent 8.7 percent of the Rp 2.9 trillion.