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Hyundai Verna

Hyundai Verna
Largest automobile manufacturer in South Korea, Hyundai Motor Company, continues to strengthen its global product in the mini sedan segment. Verna launched its newest principals or Accent to the United States market in the carpet Beijing Auto Show, 26 April -2 May 2010.

From the shape, design look headlights, grille, and LED lights that are similar Sein smaller version of Sonata. In the interior, design and material quality improved.

Verna is using a new platform with 2.57-meter wheelbase was carrying gasoline engine 1.4 L Gamma with multiport injection. Power output reached 106 with a torque of 135 Nm dk. For transmission, there are two options, 5-speed manual that is claimed to consume a liter of fuel for 17.5 km and 4-speed automatic Fuel Economy with features that consume a liter to 16.1 km.

Hyundai also offers a second machine with a capacity of 1.6 L dk-powered 121 and 155 Nm of torque. For this option, light available four-speed automatic transmission.

“Today is very special for us. Not only will there is a new product, but this became the first launching a rarely performed outside the South Korean Hyundai. We deliberately chose China because this region is an important locations, as well as China’s consumers,” said Chung Euisun , Vice Chairman of Hyundai Motor, as reported Autoevolution


Chevrolet Viva

General Motors said Friday morning, 10 days after President Obama announced new fuel mileage standards and three days before the automaker declares bankruptcy, that it will build a new small car in an idled U.S. plant.

Thursday afternoon, retiring GM Vice Chairman/Product Chief Bob Lutz showed the Automotive Press Association a chart with recently produced and near-future product names in tiny letters. Most were known to the automotive press. One was not: Chevrolet Viva.

And on Friday, Forbes columnist Jerry Flint wrote of how the United Auto Workers has destroyed Detroit. Factories here are closing, even as import manufacturers open non-union shops, mostly in the South.

source : motortrend.com

Name of Toyota

Toyota is named after the lastname of the company’s founder Kiichiro Toyoda. The company was originally named “Toyoda” but changed it to “Toyota” to make it rhyme better with two “t”s.

Public (TYO: 7203


Kiichiro Toyoda

Aichi, Nagoya and Tokyo, Japan

Kiichiro Toyoda (Founder),
Fujio Cho (Chairman and Representative Director),
Katsuhiro Nakagawa (Vice chairman and Representative Director),
Katsuaki Watanabe (President and Representative Director),
Shoichiro Toyoda (Honorary Chairman)

AutomotiveRobotics Financial services


Economy/mainstream/luxury vehicles

? USD $202.86 billion

Net income
? USD $13.93 billion