AirCross Citroen

AirCross Citroen

Brazil formally introduced Citroen Citroen AirCross. Uniquely, the recognition rather than through a packaging event, usually done a lot of manufacturers. But appear on Twitter.

This compact Corssover wearing platform from C3 Picasso minivan. Changes made on the grille design, front and rear bumpers are new, side skirts, combined with the design of the front there is a kind of wind tunnel which is also followed in the rear, but as a muffler. This composition adds AirCross ferocious appearance.

Still around the exterior. At the top of the roof rails are given, then the position spare tire is located slightly upward at the rear door. More interestingly, the double rear lights, was on the D pillars (top) and below.

Because the crossover model, the ground clearencenya elevated. Suspension was adjusted to conquer off-road terrain plus a rim light.

To be able to nimbly maneuver, under the hood pacemaker fitted kitchen with a capacity of 1.6 L 16 valve. Another rumor, there is a possibility also mounted 2.0 L engine as in C4.

Various sources quoted autoevolution (8/4/2010), Aircross will have some models that can be custom. And AirCross will be displayed at the Paris Motor Show 2010.

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