Hyundai Sonata in Jakarta

Hyundai Sonata in Jakarta
PT Hyundai Mobil Indonesia (HMI), broadening its product sales for the commercial segment, the cab. After the Accent and Verna, now poured Hyundai Sonata. Throughout this year, car manufacturers will be able to target a total of 1,000 units sold.

HMI aiming for premium taxis in the area as farm capital. Items relied on, namely middle-Sonata sedan. Currently the vehicle is used in the Panorama Group is known for tourism businesses using the White Horse brand premium taxis.

Erwin added, it had no intention of marketing the Sonata to the general consumer but deliberately positioned into commercial products. This strategy was deliberately chosen in order to distance the company a negative impression of a cab car on the passenger vehicle brand in South Korea’s origin.

Sonata, marketed carrying capacity of 2.4-liter engine fuel. It cost around Rp278 million dibandrol per unit (off the road). ‘To you we do not need a taxi to pay Sales Tax (Sales Tax on Luxury Goods), to be more competitive. If normal, which should be borne PPnBM reached 60 percent,’ said Erwin.

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