Fiat vs Ford in Beijing

Fiat vs Ford in Beijing
The Fiat 500 with an adorable four models now get a rival from Ford that offered the Start. Artificial concept cars that American car manufacturers were displayed in the carpet Beijing Auto Show 2010 in China.

Start a reliable Ford has 145 inches long, shorter than the Ford Fiesta in 2011 and is the same version of the MINI Cooper in 2010. Side-competitive designs same-inspired 500 from Ford Ka a fashionable as a subcompact city car that could succeed in the European market in the mid-1990s.

With a curved line of doors from aluminum, combined with the same roof line that integrates up rear glass, making the Start profile is very unique. Because, there is a rear passenger seat can also be baggage space. Curved lines that match the design of a combined front and rear LED lights.

Interestingly, the roof panel can be shifted Start, plus custom colors to make the cockpit seats are very elegant.

Exterior glance, the upper surface structure resembling contrived MyFord Touch that was introduced this year. MyFord called Mobile Concept, a system on the Start screen looks like in the iPhone or iPad, but united for the indication of temperature control and vehicle diagnostics.

Under the hood the engine that drives the motion of the front wheels, the kitchen is piled runway 1.0L 3-cylinder made of aluminum material. Small, but equipped with a turbocharged EcoBoost. Ford says that the machine, which will be produced, may also make the Fiesta, will be increased his power and drivability.

Bodinya panel composites using recycled materials. While recycled fiber interior and much more.

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